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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by springwind on 29th January 2004
Kagura review by springwind
This was my second trip coming here this season. Glad I timed it perfectly.

The previous day there was a heavy snow dumpage. After 50 minutes of lift ride finally made it to the upper slopes. Spent the entire morning in waist deep white bliss, up and down the the ungroomed Giant Course. The snow was so deep that in the early part of the morning many boarders were getting stranded (yours truly included) especially along the
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Tambara Ski Park
Numata City, Gunma
Submitted by springwind on 21st January 2003
Tanbara Ski Park
A good variety for both the freestyler and free rider.

Plenty of jumps. I've yet to see the half-pipe they claim to have. The rights side off the lift provides a nice bank all the back to the bottom. There are also some short runs through the trees. If you haven't got transport, there are bus tours that leave Ikebukuro in the am and arrive back by 9:00pm. Certain days you can make the trip for
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Tambara Ski Park