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Saku Ski Garden Parada
Saku City, Nagano
Submitted by harvey on 18th January 2006
Saku Ski Garden review
Parada is good for the beginner wanting a bit more of a slope to try out.

It's fairly steep at the top but develops into a longer run where you can experiment with speed.

Definitely worth a look if only for half a day. Good facilities
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Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by harvey on 9th January 2003
Hakuba Iwatake review by harvey
Catering mostly for beginners, this is a great place to get confident in your turns. Couple of long runs for speed. The bottleneck near the top blows - you need a bit of speed to get thru it and theres inevitably people falling all over the place.

Off the main trails, there's quality runs, some natural jumps to experiment on. My first big mountain and I loved every minute. Go there. The back of the mountain doesn't see too much
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Karuizawa Prince Hotel
Karuizawa Town, Nagano
Submitted by harvey on 9th January 2003
Karuizawa Prince Hotel review by harvey
Can get crowded. Pricey - I'd rather be somewhere else for the price, but if you are local its quite fun. Favourite run was far left with natural banks and 1 or 2 wee natural jumps...not as crowded.

On a weekday, would be good but wouldn't bother at the weekend. Small halfpipe - difficult to find (it's actually in the free-run park), lots of children to run over
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Sugadaira Kogen Snow Resort
Ueda City, Nagano
Submitted by harvey on 9th January 2003
Sugadaira Kogen review by harvey
I go to Oomatsu which is basically the 1st mountain on the left. There are a few different runs from the top, but they are fairly similar, some small natural jumps (the snow isn't too forgiving) it's cheap - you get a thousand back, no real crowds, no real show-ponies. For what you pay for, its a very good mountain.

The top can be daunting and icy but it flattens out fairly quickly. Beginner- intermediate. Beginners shouldn't waste too
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