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Geihoku Kokusai
Kita Hiroshima Town, Hiroshima
Submitted by fatgod on 3rd February 2003
Geihoku Kokusai review by fatgod
This is a good place to improve your technique if you are a goodish boarder. However, if you are high pushing on expert then you will probably manage to ride every run within half a day, no matter how big they say the place is. The only bonus will come from really easily available powder. Of course this is generally off piste so at your own risk.

If you are still beginning then you are likely to find this a hard
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Osorakan Snow Park
Akiota Town, Hiroshima
Submitted by fatgod on 20th January 2003
Osorakan Snow Park review by fatgod
I had a good time here, but... as the time progressed I became a little bit frustrated by the lack of quality in the facilities and in what is a really stupid layout for the runs.

I have never been to a resort that quite requires the amount of skating and even walking as is required here. Quite often you get off your lift and will have to skate a distance to get to the start of the piste or to
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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by fatgod on 9th December 2002
Kagura review by fatgod
This was a great place for an intermediate like was huge, only the most ambitious and dedicated could ride the entire area.

Due to the height that this resort was at it aquired a large amount of snow early and continues to be supplemented but being early in the season and with large amounts of rider it became slush by the afternoon.

However its length means that it is always possible to find good areas to ride. Also the levels of
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