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Aomori City, Aomori
Submitted by edie-b on 4th December 2004
Hakkoda review by edie-b
This place is pretty good all things considered. It actually feels like you are at a real ski resort. You get some decent vertical and the peak is relatively steep. The snow formations at the top are tons of fun to play in - beware of the flat landings though.

Small bowl at top, also easy backcountry access to other peaks.

Off the front to the skiers right is a small ridgeline with some small cliff lines that are easily
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Zao Onsen
Yamagata City, Yamagata
Submitted by edie-b on 1st December 2004
Zao Onsen review by edie-b
Zao is pretty huge by Japan standards. Unfortunately most of it is beginner terrain... surprise, surprise - It's Japan!

But they do have a legitimate mogul run - a little short, but it's a consistent fall line, fairly steep, with decent bumps and a lift at the bottom.

The actual trails are basically just cruising runs, if you are a beginner there is a ton to explore and the scenery is beautiful. If you want some more goodies, take the cable
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Amihari Onsen
Shizukuishi Town, Iwate
Submitted by edie-b on 1st December 2004
Amihari Onsen review by edie-b
Amihari is a small place, with a definite family feel, but it has some decent runs. May not be that challenging but at least you can carve turns, and there is access to some decent tree skiing.

No real challenging terrain, but nice for carving and a day to mix it up and stretch the legs. Be a great place to go with a group of friends as you could own the mountain.

Good onsen in the area
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Shizukuishi Town, Iwate
Submitted by edie-b on 1st December 2004
Shizukuishi review by eddies
You think since they hosted an alpine world championship they would have some bitchin' terrain, right?


But the runs are long and there is decent tree skiing. Nothing too steep, and you have to look over both shoulders for ski patrol before ducking into the trees as they may break out their whistles.

Resort has nice selection of on-mountain restasurants and there are good onsen in the area
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Geto Kogen
Kitakami Town, Iwate
Submitted by edie-b on 1st December 2004
Geto Kogen review by edie-b
Geto is cool if you live close by or you are a beginner, and want to grab some turns at night or even on the weekend. But don't bother going out of your way to go there. Barely any vertical, the gondolas crawl up the mountain and their is NO advanced terrain. They have one steep shot that is all of 50 meters to the right off Gondola 2.

Other than that there is one snow field off a knoll on
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Hachimantai Town, Iwate
Submitted by edie-b on 1st December 2004
Appi Kogen review by edie-b
This has to be by far the most over-rated resort on this site. This place is average at best, it wouldn't even be a mediocre resort in Vermont.

It has decent vertical, gets snow, but it is by and large FLAT. Typical volcanic conical summit, top section is moderately steep (intermediate level) then quickly flattens out to ablout the same degree of difficulty as a Tanbo.

If you want to say you went somewhere, want to see other people and be social,
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