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Takasu Snow Park
Gujo City, Gifu
Submitted by bulldog on 14th January 2004
Takasu Snow Park review by bulldog
I would imagine this is probably the best in the area, if not the whole prefecture.

Good variety in courses, and good tree runs without the rope-off-the-whole-mountain mentality.

Seems like you could pretty much go anywhere and nobody cared--yeah! Good amount of snow, too
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Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by bulldog on 14th January 2004
Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park review by bulldog
I know this place and goryu holds the goods, but unless you've got inside connections (a local friend) it will be difficult to score on the first day out, unless you hit it after a big dump and the regular courses are in good condition.

Nevertheless, tons of potential hidden back there for the outlaw rider.
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Hakuba Cortina
Otari Village, Nagano
Submitted by bulldog on 14th January 2004
Hakuba Cortina review
Great resort with good variety in terrain and alot of steep runs. Uncrowded even on the weekends.

The hotel was good and they have some really good package deals. Only wish they would open up more of the off-piste stuff -- so much potential, but you gotta break the law to get the good stuff.

Seems like pow-pow tree runs are a drug in the Hakuba area and the patrol are the cops
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Mizuho Highland
Ohnan Town, Shimane
Submitted by bulldog on 6th January 2004
Mizuho Highland review by bulldog
I agree with the other reviews -- this seems to be the best in the area.

Good terrain for boarders, with some trees and steep runs to be found. Didn't see any patrol and I saw a lot of tracks in places that your average small town patrol man would have a fit over.

Great access (5 min.) from the interchange without the usual road danger. Didn't get it after a dump, but it sure looks like fun
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