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Hakuba Happo-one
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by andy63_5 on 22nd April 2014
Disastrous day. Limited review.
First of all, thank you to SJ and Alpen for sponsoring my ticket.

Took the day off from work and drove out to Happo-one for my first time. There isn't a BIG parking lot with a main lodge like at Hakuba Goryu or Hakuba 47. Instead, there are small parking lots scattered throughout the base, most with parking fees, even though it was this late in the year. The ski slope meshes directly into the small community at the base, so
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Ishiuchi Maruyama
Minamiuonuma City, Niigata
Submitted by andy63_5 on 12th March 2014
Good, Not so bad, and Doh!
It was my first time to Ishiuchi Maruyama. The overall experience was great, given the fresh 50 cm of snow. The day ended badly, not because of the ski slopes, will tell the tale later. So, here goes my day.

We arrived from Shinjuku in an overnight bus at about 7am at the Birdland lodge. It's a small lodge with an onsen, tiny changing rooms, a rental shop, and souvenir shop. They were closed when we arrived but
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Madarao Mountain Resort
Iiyama City, Nagano
Submitted by andy63_5 on 3rd March 2014
In the bowl
My first review here and my first time at Madarao.

I was hesitant to go here after looking at the map, but we managed to get a nice deal on a hotel plus 2 days of snowboarding. From looking at the map, everything seems to converge into that bowl at the bottom. That's exactly true. Everyone gathers there and it's flat. Crossing that flat from one side to the other is a pain, especially when it's crowded with lots of people
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