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Daisen White Resort
Daisen Town, Tottori
Submitted by Victor on 25th February 2005
Daisen White Resort review by victor
Daisen Daisen Daisen. This is a great resort. Now my opinion might be a little skewed since last weekend I was at Hachi Kita where I paid 1800 yen to park and had to wait in lines for the majority of the day, Daisen in comparison is utopia.

It was snowing both days that I went so the conditions were fantastic. Fresh powder was everywhere even in the middle of a few runs. Even though it was
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Kami Town, Hyogo
Submitted by Victor on 25th February 2005
Ojiro review by Victor
When I came to Ojiro I was suprisingly impressed with the resort. the snow quality was great and although the resort is small there is a lot to do here. They have a couple of kickers, boxes and rails for the freestylers. They also have a half pipe, although when I was here it wasn't properly groomed.

The best thing about this place would have to be the relaxed atmosphere. Virtually the entire mountain side
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Hachi Kita Kogen
Kami Town, Hyogo
Submitted by Victor on 4th March 2004
Hachi Kita Kogen review by Victor
This is a great resort, but apparently everyone is Hyogo-ken knows about it. This place was super busy.

The runs were very good. On the front side (where the parking is) the runs are long and fast. However it becomes crowded, so expect to wait 20 mins to get on a lift. Another problem is the fact that Hachi Kita does not have a lift that goes from the bottom to the top, which causes more bottlenecks.
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Wakasa Hyonosen
Wakasa Town, Tottori
Submitted by Victor on 18th February 2004
Wakasa Hyonosen review by Victor
This is a great little place to go for half a day. The snow is fantastic up here with tons of soft powder. Even at the busiest times the longest wait for a lift is less then 5 minutes.

The downfall to the hill is the size. Unfortunately Hynosen is quite small and for a veteran snowboarder or skier it will be a little boring. For beginners it is a great place, and the half
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