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Shizukuishi Town, Iwate
Submitted by ShimodaFlow on 29th January 2005
Shizukuishi review by ShimodaFlow
This resort lives up to the rep... First run of the day @ 9:09 am the Mens Downhill was perfect... fast beyond words...plenty of room to let the skis run wild, love the SLOW DOWN signs on a downhill course... Yea right...

The weather was sunny, no clouds & Iwate-san was out to the left and proud. The rest of resort was good for the level it was desgined for.

The snowboard park was OK, nothing to drive 2 hours for,
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Moya Hills
Aomori City, Aomori
Submitted by ShimodaFlow on 13th January 2005
Moya Hills review by ShimodaFlow
My family spent a weekend skiing the Moya hills.

The first night we had perfect conditions. We rented a cabin at the resort and this made the weekend great, plently of room and great access to the hills.

Bad luck on the following day, we had none stop rain showers, this didn't seem to stop everyone from having fun.

For an all around resort, the Lodging, Skiing, Food and service was worth the price we paid. Join the club there and
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Moya Hills