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Gujo City, Gifu
Submitted by Dogchop on 17th January 2006
Washigatake review by Dogchop
I seem to be trashing a lot of places recently but I was especially annoyed by a couple of things in this place. One was the tracks that the snow machines left in the ice, most especially on the black runs. They were rectangular slots cut into the surface and sent me over on the steepest bits.

The other major issue was the sheer number of people sitting on the slopes all over the place. I know this is a common
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Ibigawa Town, Gifu
Submitted by Dogchop on 9th January 2006
Kunimidake review
This is a small place nestled up some back roads. The missus chose this place on the recommendation of a friend. In truth, I found little to recommend for myself.

It is at the top of a one lane road through a village. We were held-up in a car-jam for about an hour as some witless idiots managed to leave home without chains or snow tyres. They all needed help at the same spot, which led me to wonder why the
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Kunizakai Kogen Snow Park
Takashima City, Shiga
Submitted by Dogchop on 6th January 2006
Kunizakai Kogen Snow Park review by Dogchop
I went here with a friend for a bit of variety and got more or less what I expected. This place is ideal for families and beginners.

What does this place have to offer an advanced boarder / skier? Very little beyond warming-up for going somewhere else.

What does this place offer an intermediate boarder (like me)? Right over on the far right hand side there is a box and a jump. If anyone wants to learn how to use these things
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