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Geto Kogen
Kitakami Town, Iwate
Submitted by akemitakada on 1st February 2004
Geto Kogen review by akemitakada
Getou is a medium-sized resort with two main gondolas. We didn't have to wait much in the lines. The lodge is architecturally quite interesting and there is a large airy cafeteria.

It was snowing the whole time we were at Getou. I have heard that the wind and weather here can be quite temperamental, but today, it was agreeable. There were moments when it was as thick as pea soup, but then it would clear just as quickly as it rolled
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Kurobushi Kogen Snow Park Jangle Jungle
黒伏高原スノーパーク ジャングル・ジャングル
Higashine City, Yamagata
Submitted by akemitakada on 28th January 2004
Kurobushi Kogen Snow Park review by akemitakada
Jangle Jungle is very rider-friendly.

Although there are only two main quads, there are a number of runs to choose from so things stay interesting despite the size of the resort. Believe me, you will be far from bored!

We mostly stayed on the lift to the far left side (if you are facing the mountain). On a good day, plenty of powder can be found and the jumps and other novelties are well-placed and of varying levels. If jumps
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Zao Onsen
Yamagata City, Yamagata
Submitted by akemitakada on 26th January 2004
Zao Onsen review by akemitakada
Yamagata Zao was made for skiers. It has been said time and again, but, yes, riders must be prepared to skate and/or walk because there are a number of flat areas that, if unprepared, will really get you.

I went with a group of skiers who knew the mountain really well, so luckily I was forewarned of upcoming flat areas and could prepare for it. I never had to strap out, but needless to say, I did do a lot of
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Osaki City, Miyagi
Submitted by akemitakada on 23rd January 2004
Onikoube review by akemitakada
Onikobe is a great place to go if you live in the area. It is on the smaller side, but, for a little resort, it has much to offer the laid-back rider/skiier.

There are a few short and steep areas for thrill seekers, but mostly meandering slopes and trails.

If you strike it lucky and go with friend on a powdery day with few crowds, Onikobe can be a full and non-stop outing of quality snow time.
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Miyagi Zao Eboshi
Zao Town, Miyagi
Submitted by akemitakada on 23rd January 2004
Miyagi Zao Eboshi review by akemitakada
Zao Eboshi is for the beginner or intermediate rider/skiier.

There are some moguls that resemble craters (good for skiiers, not so good for riders) and in some places, the fun was groomed right out of the run. There were, however, some au naturel powdery areas to be found which made Eboshi a fun place to play.

If you go on a clear day, the views are amazing! Bring your camera.

Also noteworthy: short waiting times, midsized jumps and good food.
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Spring Valley Izumi Kogen
Sendai City, Miyagi
Submitted by akemitakada on 23rd January 2004
Spring Valley Izumi Kogen review by akemitakada
Of course it depends on the night's conditions, but the time I went to Spring Valley, it was pretty harsh.

I had a good time exercising and bonding with my friends after work, but the patches of ice can really sneak up on you at night.

There are two main lifts (easy and hard). The snow park was quite built up and pretty cool. It's off to the left side as you are coming down from the bigger lift.

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Hachimantai Town, Iwate
Submitted by akemitakada on 23rd January 2004
Appi Kogen review by akemitakada
Appi feels very Western.

It is big, has lifts that off-shoot from the central ski area, and you can find pristine pockets of powder if you search for it.

For the intermediate/advanced rider, stay up top and try the runs on the sides of the mountain.

I've been twice and can still get lost.

The main green run is long and rolling for beginners. The bottom of the mountain can get congested and slow so be careful.

The food court selection is wide
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Shizukuishi Town, Iwate
Submitted by akemitakada on 23rd January 2004
Shizukuishi review by akemitakada
Shizukuishi was a site for World Cup skiing a few years back, hence the feel that the resort is more skier than rider-friendly.

There are two main gondola runs that are very long and very nice. I can't recall the other runs for some reason. The wind can be quite treachorous here so be sure to check the forecast before you head out.

The lodge is small, but they have Chinese food and it was pretty good! This resort felt kind of
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