Asahi Tengston Snow Park resort review (Hamada City, Shimane)

Asahi Tengston Snow Park
Hamada City, Shimane
Submitted by andrewl on 3rd May 2003
Asahi Tengston review by Ichiro
The good news first.

Ten Stones is just a little farther inland from the Mizuho Interchange (same as for Mizuho Highland Area), so it is a alternative change of pace for those bored with MH. An interesting over-nighter suggestion is staying at a hotel/log cabin facility located roughly half way between the two night, two days= two ski areas!

The base lodge is up to standard, amenities and food was B to B+. Yes, a gondola to the mid lodge.

Bad news. After arriving at mid-station, there are basically three chairs with undistinguished runs. Annoyingly have to traverse narrow trails to get all the way from top to the very bottom- confusing. Oh well, maybe some of you boarders may like it...

Location seems a mountain or so away from MH, so if it dumps, it should get lots of snow too.
Date visited: From March, 2003
Snow condition on visit: Corn, slush
Things I liked: After getting bored with Mizuho Highland just down the road...
Things I didn't like: Runs are inimaginative and boring.

Asahi Tengston Snow Park

Hamada City, Shimane
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1063m
Min. elevation: 553m
Vertical: 510m
Steepest slope: 30°
Longest course: 3080m
Number of lifts: 5

Location of Asahi Tengston Snow Park