Osorakan Snow Park resort review (Akiota Town, Hiroshima)

Osorakan Snow Park
Akiota Town, Hiroshima
Submitted by fatgod on 20th January 2003
Osorakan Snow Park review by fatgod
I had a good time here, but... as the time progressed I became a little bit frustrated by the lack of quality in the facilities and in what is a really stupid layout for the runs.

I have never been to a resort that quite requires the amount of skating and even walking as is required here. Quite often you get off your lift and will have to skate a distance to get to the start of the piste or to the next lift. On a board this is a serious hassle, far too much skating.

Next the lifts are all slow two person lifts with no express lift straight to the top of the mountain anywhere. thought the ques move fast prepare to get cold on slow lift.

The restaurants are all on the bottom of their respective mountain and are all small and crude. Don't expect too much in terms of choice and comfort.

Finally for my moans the number of beginners is insane on the easy slopes. If you pick up any pace beware as you are liable to hit or be hit. However there is an improvement the further up the hill you go, but still be on the look out for those that are slightly out of their depth.

All in all though if it is big with quality snow then it is worth such small hassles and the snow was insanely good for two out of three days with a seriously large flurry of snow that made the top of the mountain powder heaven. And it made a good effort retaining it.
Date visited: From 2003
Snow condition on visit: Varied
Things I liked: The amounts of snow at the top of the mountain
Things I didn't like: The lifts and facilities

Osorakan Snow Park

Akiota Town, Hiroshima
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Average Rankings

General score: 85
Snow conditions: 85
Courses/Terrain: 85
Lift system: 85
Apres ski: 50

Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1280m
Min. elevation: 860m
Vertical: 420m
Steepest slope: 38°
Longest course: 2500m
Number of lifts: 8

Location of Osorakan Snow Park