Myoko Suginohara resort review (Myoko City, Niigata)

Myoko Suginohara
Myoko City, Niigata
Submitted by andrewl on 3rd March 2003
Myoko Suginohara review (submitted before 2003)
For those who wanna do some decent long run for about 6 km, I rekon it's one of the best resorts you can expect in Shinshu/Joetsu area.

It's not like the one in Kagura/Mitumata where most of its 5 km is just a flat and straight boring kind of... sorry! But its terrain/piste is wide and steep enough yet no moguls are on your way so you can feel a bit of world cup down-hill side! For those who wanna try bumpy moguls, or verry steep black diamonds, they also have one of the best!
Date visited: No specific date.
Snow condition on visit: --
Things I liked: --
Things I didn't like: --

Myoko Suginohara

Myoko City, Niigata
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Average Rankings

General score: 75
Snow conditions: 73
Courses/Terrain: 73
Lift system: 72
Apres ski: 63

Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1855m
Min. elevation: 731m
Vertical: 1124m
Steepest slope: 38°
Longest course: 8500m
Number of lifts: 5

Location of Myoko Suginohara