Nozawa Onsen resort review (Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano)

Nozawa Onsen
Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano
Submitted by severance26 on 16th January 2015
January Three-Day Weekend. Never Disappoints
Saturday was decent powder. Sunday was maybe 10 centimeters. Monday was a full reset, ridiculous dump.

Nozawa. You probably don't need me to tell you, it's awesome. We paid less than 30,000 yen for a bus to Nozawa, two nights, breakfast and dinner, and two tickets. We paid another 3700 for a half-day on Monday.

Stayed up at Yamabiko Saturday until we tracked it out. Met a cool dude who showed me a good place to jump out behind Skyline. Ridiculous powder run, chest deep.

Restaurants were busy. You gotta watch people sitting like hawks and ask them to be next in order to sit. Still, the food isn't too expensive so I think it could be worse.

Sunday was not as great. Just 10cm or so, I got tired of Yamabiko very quickly. Spent the rest of the morning behind Skyline. Chest-deep powder. Awesomeness. Met a couple girls and basically just tooled around the afternoon. It started to snow. Hard. Drinks with bunny that evening. Too many dudes but still fun.

So not a surprise that Monday was a full reset. It was more than that, it was overkill. A friend got stuck in Yamabiko, he went too deep too early in the morning before there were enough tracks to escape, haha. So much fresh powder I wimped out of Skyline- I figured it'd be over my head, literally. But Yamabiko kept me happily entertained until, after two and a half days, my legs simply didn't do what I wanted them to anymore. I quit around noon before I got myself hurt.

I wish I lived in Nozawa.

Also Saturday of the three-day weekend is kansha-sai. Half-drunken amusements. Janken. All that good stuff. Am going every year until I die.
Date visited: From 10 January, 2015 To 12 January, 2015
Snow condition on visit: Varying levels of powder. 10cm to up to my neck.
Things I liked: Powder; Powder; Powder
Snow bunnies
Free alcohol
Amazing food at hotel - one meal had chicken, fish, pork, and horse.
Requested early breakfast, it came 6:30 instead of 7:30, hell yeah!
Things I didn't like: Waiting like vultures over people finishing their meal to get their seat.
Lift opens at 8:10, arrive at 7:10, already 40 boards lined up in the hall. Townies cut in line anyway. Clearly there is a pecking order and paying guests aren't at the top, which is a real shame. Actually saw a guy some down off the mountain before the lift was officially open, and when my friend told staff he was cutting in line, the guy had to go buy a ticket! He didnt even have a ticket!
Recommended for: Intermediate riders
Advanced riders
Off-piste opportunities
Authentic Japan experience
Not recommended for: Beginner riders
General score: 95
Snow conditions: 95
Courses/Terrain: 90
Lift system: 90
Apres ski: 90

Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano
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Average Rankings

General score: 84
Snow conditions: 73
Courses/Terrain: 75
Lift system: 75
Apres ski: 71

Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1650m
Min. elevation: 565m
Vertical: 1085m
Steepest slope: 39°
Longest course: 10000m
Number of lifts: 21

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