Asahidake Ropeway resort review (Higashigawa Town, Hokkaido)

Asahidake Ropeway
Higashigawa Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 23rd March 2011
Asahidake Ropeway review by Fraser
Arrived and snowing with no breeze at base. Ascended Cable Car into clouds.

Exited Cable car in semi Blizzard. Skied on ice and alpine windpack to find trail in whiteout. Descended over bluff to find stillnes and wow pow knee plus. Skied both marked trails and trees. Bottom 1/3 montain flat trails back to base.

Repeated this all day. Two runs later all first tracks filled in and pristine. \r\n\r\nDid not have guide and am sure there is much more good stuff if you have one.

Without guide may get repetative after a few days.

Japanese freind who took us spent the day in the Onsen!
Date visited: From January, 2009
Snow condition on visit: Light Pow
Things I liked: Heli Skiing by Cable car
Things I didn't like: Ice, windpack at top, flat trails at bottom.

Asahidake Ropeway

Higashigawa Town, Hokkaido
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Average Rankings

General score: 75
Snow conditions: 82
Courses/Terrain: 35
Lift system: 37
Apres ski: 50

Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1600m
Min. elevation: 1100m
Vertical: 500m
Steepest slope: 30°
Longest course: 2500m
Number of lifts: 1

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