Wakasugi Kogen Oya resort review (Yabu City, Hyogo)

Wakasugi Kogen Oya
Yabu City, Hyogo
Submitted by nighthawk663 on 11th January 2011
Wakasugi Kogen Oya review
Despite my cons listed, I really liked this mountain. It was small, yeah, so it could get boring after awhile, but I found this to be a really great mountain to practice skills on. It has a few different terrain park items you can work on, including a rather large jump and a couple rails, but no half pipe. Something REALLY impressive is a bag jump they have on Saturdays and Sundays (and I guess some holidays). It's free to use (just have to sign a waver and wear a helmet) and is REALLY good in learning tricks without busting your head in half. It also has some narrower trails through the woods you can do. On a snowboard it's rather fun to take these at high speed, if you can dodge the skiers!

Snow coverage in general was pretty good, and they have a good artificial snow setup, so even if it doesn't snow you still get decent powder instead of just the packed down groomed stuff. I went early in the season, though, so some was a little too thin with some dirt or pebbles sneaking through in places. Still, I'll definitely be going back, if nothing else to work on that bag jump.

It really has a great family environment to it, with ski classes and the like for all the kids. Which of course attracts a lot of families. As in almost all families. But I still wouldn't call it overly crowded; I know I didn't have any particularly close calls myself.

Parking is 1000 yen, which isn't great but isn't terrible either. The dining hall, though, can be EXTREMELY slow. They had a rice problem when I was there and we had to wait over an hour for curry and rice. Might want to ask them how long your order will take when you give them the ticket... could probably take a couple runs while waiting.
Date visited: From 09 January, 2011
Snow condition on visit: Some artificial snow on top of base coat, sometimes too thin
Things I liked: Family environment, great learning area, scenic
Things I didn't like: Too much family (little kids), small, thin coverage

Wakasugi Kogen Oya

Yabu City, Hyogo
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 850m
Min. elevation: 650m
Vertical: 200m
Steepest slope: 30°
Longest course: 2000m
Number of lifts: 3

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