Rusutsu Resort resort review (Rusutsu Village, Hokkaido)

Rusutsu Resort
Rusutsu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 13th January 2010
Rusutsu Resort review by beowolf
This was my second stay at Rusutsu and once again I did not leave disappointed.

I will say from the outset that I do not care about Apres Ski or the Japan experience (I have been living in Japan for six years), all I care about is snowboarding in powder and that is pretty much what I did for seven of the eight days I snowboarded at Rusutsu.

Basically, most of my time on the mountain was spent off-piste inbetween the trees. The variety of choices at Rusutsu for off-piste adventure is simply amazing and for me, most of it was done in knee to waist deep powder.

I also like the lift layout, which is well designed and allows you to get around the mountains quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

It is very difficult to get bored at Rusutsu if the snow is falling in my humble opinion. Check it out!
Date visited: From 20 December, 2009 To 27 December, 2009
Snow condition on visit: Pretty much nothing but fresh powder every morning except for one day. There were no huge dumps of snow, but just a nice top-up every morning.
Things I liked: Fantastic snow; very few people/lines; great tree runs
Things I didn't like: They did not open my favourite lift for the first six days.

Rusutsu Resort

Rusutsu Village, Hokkaido
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Average Rankings

General score: 85
Snow conditions: 88
Courses/Terrain: 82
Lift system: 82
Apres ski: 43

Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 994m
Min. elevation: 400m
Vertical: 594m
Steepest slope: 40°
Longest course: 3500m
Number of lifts: 18

Location of Rusutsu Resort