Kunimidake resort review (Ibigawa Town, Gifu)

Ibigawa Town, Gifu
Submitted by Dogchop on 9th January 2006
Kunimidake review
This is a small place nestled up some back roads. The missus chose this place on the recommendation of a friend. In truth, I found little to recommend for myself.

It is at the top of a one lane road through a village. We were held-up in a car-jam for about an hour as some witless idiots managed to leave home without chains or snow tyres. They all needed help at the same spot, which led me to wonder why the resort staff didn't either put up a sign or grit the road.

This place has little to offer anyone. Most of the courses are somewhere between beginner and intermediate - too hard for beginners and too easy for everyone else. The snow condition was bad and compounded by the fact that the staff didn't seem to look after it very well. There were a few rails and jumps around the place, though all the big jumps were closed, probably because they landed in lift areas and in the middle of beginner courses.

The safety in the place was highly lacking, in my opinion. The lift chairs scraped along the floor on their way out. The paths into the lifts were hopelessly wrecked, due to the fact that the lift attendants didn't clear them. They had what I thought was a rail, which, when used rolled away to one side and revealed itself as a steel pipe.

My advice if you go here, which I can't really recommend unless you live really close, is buy a half day ticket and check the toys thoroughly before you use them.
Date visited: From 09 January, 2006
Snow condition on visit: Fresh but wet - deteriorated quickly to sheets of ice and mounds of lumpy stuff
Things I liked: Free parking
Things I didn't like: Poor safety


Ibigawa Town, Gifu
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 900m
Min. elevation: 750m
Vertical: 150m
Steepest slope: 25°
Longest course: 1000m
Number of lifts: 3

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