Daisen White Resort resort review (Daisen Town, Tottori)

Daisen White Resort
Daisen Town, Tottori
Submitted by Victor on 25th February 2005
Daisen White Resort review by victor
Daisen Daisen Daisen. This is a great resort. Now my opinion might be a little skewed since last weekend I was at Hachi Kita where I paid 1800 yen to park and had to wait in lines for the majority of the day, Daisen in comparison is utopia.

It was snowing both days that I went so the conditions were fantastic. Fresh powder was everywhere even in the middle of a few runs. Even though it was the weekend the runs were still relatively free. On the very top there are moguls from skiers, but they are manageable.

Most of my day was spent on the Kokusai, which in my opinion is the best spot at Daisen. The runs are fast with great powder and easy access. The only down side to Kokusai is the accessibility. From the main ticket center/parking area, it is about a 1km walk, which at the end of a long day can be very painful.

There are only two problems that I found with Daisen. First, the accessibility to Kokusai from the main area (mentioned earlier). Second, is the parking. There is very limited parking at the top of Daisen, so the majority of skiers/snowboarders must park at the bottom and take a bus to the top. On Sunday when we finished, there was an hour line wait to get back to the bottom. Now I have been at Daisen three times, and this is the only time when I have seen it this bad, but none the less it was very frustrating. I am sure that when the weather is not as extreme the service is a lot better (they say every 15 mins), but being a ski resort they should foresee these events and make the proper preparations to ensure their efficiency.

All in all this is a great resort possibly the best in western Honshu!!!
Date visited: From 2005
Snow condition on visit: Nice snow
Things I liked: Big for the area
Things I didn't like: A little pricey

Daisen White Resort

Daisen Town, Tottori
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1039m
Min. elevation: 743m
Vertical: 296m
Steepest slope: 30°
Longest course: 1600m
Number of lifts: 14

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