Joetsu Kokusai resort review (Minamiuonuma City, Niigata)

Joetsu Kokusai
Minamiuonuma City, Niigata
Submitted by eat my rooster on 3rd January 2005
Joetsu Kokusai review by knightvato
This is a decent resort, even though I only skied it for one day so far.

It's true that the lifts are slow and not well designed and there are quite a few flat areas, but the fact is that there is more varied terrain, you just have to seek it out. The Tokamachi side (Atema resort) has decent terrain and a different view so it helps to mix things up.

Overall, not a place to go to rip it up in the steeps, but a decent place to enjoy a day out in the mountains and bask in the heavy snowfall.
Date visited: From January, 2005
Snow condition on visit: Wet and Heavy but decent
Things I liked: Easy to access, not crowded
Things I didn't like: A bit flat, park geared towards snowboarders

Joetsu Kokusai

Minamiuonuma City, Niigata
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Average Rankings

General score: 72
Snow conditions: 67
Courses/Terrain: 60
Lift system: 50
Apres ski: 40

Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1017m
Min. elevation: 200m
Vertical: 817m
Steepest slope: 38°
Longest course: 6000m
Number of lifts: 25

Location of Joetsu Kokusai