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Iizuna Kogen
Nagano City, Nagano
Submitted by North Shore on 31st January 2015
Local ski hill
Izuna Kogen is a small, local ski hill, about 35 minutes from downtown Nagano. The Shore family have bought seasons passes here because of the short drive.
On a clear day, you can look up from downtown, and see pretty much all of the runs on Izuna - there's 6 or so of them, spanning all ability ages. The more difficult side of the mountain has some great pitches, while the beginner side is almost ideal for learning. All
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Nozawa Onsen
Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano
Submitted by keywe on 30th January 2015
A fun resort with a unique town
Had planned to visit Nozawa mainly because of the off slope options for my beginning to ski partner. That worked out quite well. The town is unique (in my experience anyway). Interesting to wander around but it won't take you long! Everything is quite close together but can sometimes be hard to find until you get your bearings. The onsens are also a pretty cool experience and once you get past the slight embrassesment of
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Niseko HANAZONO Resort
Kutchan Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by mcarples on 30th January 2015
Great Snow
Hanazano was great fun!

Had powder both days we were there, and the gates opened both days too.

Excellent runs form the top via gates 3 and 4.

Bit crowded on the better of the powder mornings, so things tracked out quickly
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Minakami Hodaigi
Minakami Town, Gunma
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 29th January 2015
A nice hill off the beaten path.

Houdaigi is a ski hill in the north of Minakami just under 20 km from Minakami IC (highway exit). It offers some nice courses for riders of all levels and due to it’s location it consistently gets good powder snow during the winter months. It is located on the northwestern slopes of Gunma’s Mt. Hotaka and due to this orientation the snow is less effected by sun than other hills in the area. I would consider Houdaigi
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Hotaka Bokujo
Katashina Village, Gunma
Submitted by malibu05 on 28th January 2015
Good enough
There’re good slopes.
Most of the people were snowboarders.
Never waited for the lifts or lunch.
Too bad we had to leave there around 2pm because of too strong wind and snow.
I want to go back when condition is perfect.
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Hakuba Goryu
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by nagpants on 28th January 2015
My choice in the Hakuba region
I used to favor Happo-one, but recently changed to spending more time at Hakuba Goryu (and 47). Moguls put me off Happo, I think there's too many of them and they seem to be 'growing'!

Goryu-47 though is a fine area to spend a day or two, beginners stay on the lower areas while I head up to Grand Prix, Panorama, Dynamic and Expert... basically the runs up top.

Usually stick there but sometimes take a mosey on down
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Gujo City, Gifu
Submitted by nagpants on 28th January 2015
If you are in Osaka-Nagoya region, this is where you want to head
Dynaland-Takasu Snow Park is one of the resort areas in the Gujo area of Gifu and a new discovery for me.

These two are are connected and share a joint ticket (I don't even know if you can buy seperate ones), but it's about the same cost as a ticket elsewhere.

Makes for a really big area, though personally I preferred the Dynaland side... felt the snow was better over there on the day I went. The ungrommed area of Champion
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Myoko Suginohara
Myoko City, Niigata
Submitted by bkurobe on 28th January 2015
Probably the best in Myoko
Although Myoko is really a series of ski mountains, Suginohara is probably my favorite.

On this day, it was a white out which I love beacuse the snow was deep and not many people out on the slopes. 30-40 cm of fresh pow all day, our tracks pretty much covered up everytime we went up the lifts.

At the very top there are some good tree runs if your willing to duck some ropes.

It's also a good entry point
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Minakami Hodaigi
Minakami Town, Gunma
Submitted by DonDon on 28th January 2015
A fine skijo
Houdaigi is a fairly small but compact place that always seems to deliver with snow conditions when I have been. Don't know whether it's luck or that it just often has good snow - heard the latter from friends.

I really like the layout of the place as well though with fave runs being the top-back Number 9 course and Nandaira, serviced by a nice fast quad.

Paradise is good fun too.

If you are wanting to stay, recommend Chalet
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Maiko Snow Resort
Minamiuonuma City, Niigata
Submitted by DonDon on 28th January 2015
The right hand 'Maiko' side of Maiko Snow Resort
This is a review of only part of Maiko, as I haven't got over to the Gondola area yet.

The 'Maiko Area', I believe it used to be called Korakuen, is on the right hand side of the resort, and just right by the Shiozawa Ishiuchi exit of the Kanetsu Expressway.

We decided to go there as my wife and child wanted beginner slopes, and I was looking forward to checking out the triple lift and Dolphin Course coming off that.

And what
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Grand Sunpia Inawashiro Resort
Inawashiro Town, Fukushima
Submitted by Metabo Oyaji on 27th January 2015
Best view in town
Grand Sunpia Inawashiro Resort, Fukushima

This is a place that I have been meaning to check out for years. It is not terribly big, but can boast of occupying probably the best spot on Mt. Bandai for views, facing directly onto Lake Inawashiro. I really wanted to go on a clear day – which can be a rare thing around Mt. Bandai. But with the forecast for at least partly-clear weather finally coinciding with a day we were
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Akakura Onsen
Myoko City, Niigata
Submitted by JA on 27th January 2015
Third visit, did not disappoint!
Rained first day, then turned to snow next day. Bluebird, and a few cloudy days followed.
Unfortunately, the weather is too warm, and snow is depleting.
Skiing at Suginohara was fab, and we made the most of the goog weather when it was here.

Staying at the Alp Resort Hotel (true "skiing, ski out") we could make choices as the weather changed.
This is our third trip to Akakura, so it must be OK
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Ciao Ontake Snow Resort
Takayama City, Gifu
Submitted by severance26 on 27th January 2015
Good time to go to Ciao
With a coupon the wife and I got tickets for 3000 plus a meal voucher. Actually they accidentally gave us two of those so I paid 3000 for a ticket and 2000 in meal vouchers...!

Parking was free. Not many cars in the lot when I cruised in at 9AM...

It was a beautiful day, cold and clear. The snow was hard pack but very easy to ride, not chunky or icy.

With so few people, Ciao is a great place to teach
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Hakuba Goryu
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by merry.57 on 27th January 2015
Great family skiing!
Arriving early on the shuttle, we were excited to be making some first trails this snowy morning. Being Australian skiers we do not often have the opportunity to enjoy days like this. Our party was two teenagers- one skiing, one boarding and a skiing mum who are good intermediate riders. The gondola didn't open till after 10 but we had a fun time moving across the lower chairs of the mountain. The snow was fresh and piling up around us.
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Sugadaira Kogen Snow Resort
Ueda City, Nagano
Submitted by Bushiman on 27th January 2015
Not the biggest area, but loads to do!
Sugadaira is one of my local resorts and so I usually get in at least 10 days here a season. Like I mentioned in the title, it's not the biggest area, and I personally wouldn't make a day of riding there, but for a morning or afternoon I can have a ton of fun!

The resorts themselves are small (compared to Hakuba sized resorts), but they do interconnect so the one pass is good for at least 20 pistes. It's
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