Resort Reviews from April 2007

All of the Resort Reviews of Japanese ski and snowboard resorts. Currently 2 reviews.
Okutadami Maruyama
Uonuma City, Niigata
Submitted by andrewl on 23rd April 2007
Okutadami Maruyama review
After checking other reader reviews on my return from Okutadami, I thought I'd add my opinion as it doesn't seem to get the best write-up from a lot of people.

Despite the fact that we were there in late April, there was ample snow all the way to the bottom of the runs. It was a little heavy and moist off the groomers, but what else would you expect in expect in April? Even so, it was very skiable and on
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Okunakayama Kogen
Ichinohe Town, Iwate
Submitted by BigMountainRider on 8th April 2007
Okunakayama Kogen review
Okunakayamakogen is my main resort.

Cheap, uncrowded most of the time, easy to get to. Ok now is when the complaint part starts. Around the 1st of January they only had a 20cm base and stayed open. But in March they closed with a base of 150cm. I guess Okunakayama is not interested in making money. This was so disapointing to find out after I had drove there. But APPI is interested in making money
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