Tsugaike Kogen resort review (Otari Village, Nagano)

Reviews of Tsugaike Kogen resort in Otari Village, Nagano Prefecture. Currently 1 reviews.
Tsugaike Kogen
Otari Village, Nagano
Submitted by dee on 30th December 2002
Tsugaike Kogen review by dh
1. way, way more scenic than other places I have been to

2. w-i-d-e open spaces

3. so many lifts it gets confusing - if a lift has a queue, just ride to the next one

4. the lower slopes are a bit poxy, but fantastic for the beginner. I wish I had gone there for my first few times learning over Hakuba47. If you are a beginner planning to go the H47... DONT!... go here instead. H47 sucks in terms of course
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Tsugaike Kogen

Otari Village, Nagano
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1704m
Min. elevation: 800m
Vertical: 904m
Steepest slope: 35°
Longest course: 4630m
Number of lifts: 21

Location of Tsugaike Kogen