Okunakayama Kogen resort review (Ichinohe Town, Iwate)

Reviews of Okunakayama Kogen resort in Ichinohe Town, Iwate Prefecture. Currently 1 reviews.
Okunakayama Kogen
Ichinohe Town, Iwate
Submitted by Boscof16 on 1st February 2007
Okunakayama Kogen review
Great resort that treats its customers well.

Small, friendly family-run atmosphere has fewer options but more character than some of the larger resorts nearby.

Could help themselves by opening terrain under the lifts and in the trees to skiing and snowboarding
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Okunakayama Kogen

Ichinohe Town, Iwate
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1018m
Min. elevation: 650m
Vertical: 368m
Steepest slope: 30°
Longest course: 2000m
Number of lifts: 5

Location of Okunakayama Kogen