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Sapporo Kokusai
Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Submitted by Brendan_snowboarder on 28th January 2008
Sapporo Kokusai review
Had a great day today (Sunday) at Kokusai. We got an all day pass and return bus ticket from Sapporo for 4600 yen each which isn't bad. It was a little crowded but there are quite a few runs and they are reasonably wide so it didn't matter too much (although it was pretty crowded at the lodge).

There was lots of powder on the sides of all of the runs and even a few cms on the groomed runs.
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Sapporo Teine
Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Submitted by Brendan_snowboarder on 17th January 2008
Sapporo Teine review
Just got back a few hours ago from a great day snowboarding at Teine Highlands.

There was lots of powder, especially off-piste. They have a few new off-piste 'Nature Zones' that are great for boarding. It's cool that they actually recommend these new zones even though they have them roped off with signs in English and Japanese saying that it's at your own risk and that if you have an accident and have to be rescued then you will have to
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Rusutsu Resort
Rusutsu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 14th January 2008
Rusutsu Resort review by Aussie Inter
Had a few days here and loved it.

I preferred Rusutsu to Niseko for lots of reasons. First, there weren't so many yobos here - at Niseko I got woken up every night at around midnight as drunks shouted their way down the street.

Second, I thought there was a greater variety of slopes here; at Niseko they all seemed to be either pretty easy or pretty hard - Rusutsu had more options. Also, it was much less crowded at
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Furano City, Hokkaido
Submitted by Pusher on 6th January 2008
Furano review by Pusher
I've said it before and I'll say it again Furano rocks!

This resort has enough courses to keep you busy with a good balance of long cruises and challenging terrain at any level..

There's no park untill mid January and you have to pay extra for the pipe but if you just want to freeride in the most spectacular scenery in Hokkaido then go here!

I recommend the panorama, technical, kumagera and the challenge course on the Furano zone, and the link
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