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Shichinohe Choei
Shichinohe Town, Aomori
Submitted by oldensign2 on 20th January 2022
Good Cheap
Another one lift wonder.

A couple of steeps but the backside trail leaves you hanging. As the way back is very flat.

No real lodge. Lots of people randomly sledding. Thus feels a little out of control.

But only 1500 yen, so cheap.
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Hiranai Town, Aomori
Submitted by oldensign2 on 20th January 2022
One lift wonder
Shhhh....dont tell anyone but this is a fun little hill.

One lift feeds a bowl and a couple of trails. It is enough for a few hours. Also a XC course near by.

Alway empty and cheap
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Owani Onsen
Owani Town, Aomori
Submitted by oldensign2 on 20th January 2022
Very tired in need of upgrades
Owani Onsen ski area was packed the day I went and I am not sure why … also not sure why the croc is their mascot, but it works.

Difficult and dated lift system. No easy way to the top.

If you are a snowboarder don't take the long green off the top. it is a road.... really a road. You will end up walking most of it.
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Kazuno City, Akita
Submitted by oldensign2 on 20th January 2022
Hanawa ski area is a find ! 😄
Great place for beginners and experts as they have two high speed doubles (I had never seen that before). One services the expert terrain (an Olympic level downhill course, so you will be challenged). The other the beginner terrain which is great for learning (easy on and off).

The place also has groomed xc if you’re ready to step up from the golf course, and real ski jump if you’re really bold.

Just an exit farther on the IC from the APPI
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Montdeus Hidakuraiyama Snow Park
Takayama City, Gifu
Submitted by cbeaverford on 28th December 2021
Only one lift operational
They only have one lift that was in operation so only access to one very gentle slope that was about 800m long. Not real challenge but there were only a few people on the hill so had a nice half day of skiing. It was close to where I was staying but I wouldn’t drive too far for it.
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Mikawa Onsen
Aga Town, Niigata
Submitted by Jimmybb on 1st February 2021
How to mikawa
Aga town is colder than the rest of Kaetsu, so watch the weather reports. It went down to minus 10 last night, and Mikawa snow was actually squeaky at the top of the first lift.

The resort is small, but it is good for early season training if they get snow.

This year? Lots! Go for it
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Shizukuishi Town, Iwate
Submitted by Bandana on 11th January 2021
Tucked away charmer
Living in Zao Onsen, we wanted a change of scenery and especially since 2020 was warming earlier than normal so sought to go north. Crowds had also gone due to CV19. Initially drove to Appi for 2 nights which we know well and then somewhere else on the return leg and more of a local resort.

Decided to stay at the Prince which was offering a particularly good deal at the time and is right on the slope plus we
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