Hoshi Onsen Chojukan (Minakami Town, Gunma)

Hoshi Onsen Chojukan
Minakami Town, Gunma
法師温泉 長寿館 (群馬県 みなかみ町)

Hoshi Onsen Chojukan is a secluded Japanese style onsen hot spring inn located in Minakami town, close to the Gunma and Niigata border. This full-of-character accommodation has a history of over 140 years and offers a very traditional Japanese style experience in beautiful quiet surroundings.

Hoshi Onsen Chojukan
Type Ryokan
General location Just over 1km from the base of the Akazawa ski hill in Minakami. About 15km from Naeba.
Nearest ski lift Less than 2km
Rooms & capacity 33 rooms
120 guest capacity
Bedding Japanese style futons
Style of toilets Japanese style
Bathrooms All rooms use shared bathroom facilities
Tatami mats Yes
Internet access Wi-Fi internet connection is available. Signal may be weak in places in some guest rooms, but there is always a good signal in the lobby and near the front desk.
English speaking? A few non-Japanase staff and some Japanese staff can speak basic English
Smoking policy Guest rooms in the Main Building and Annex Building are non-smoking, as are the lobby and other public spaces.

Smoking is allowed in the other two buildings.
Pets policy Pets are not allowed in the facilities.
Guest Rooms
Traditional Japanese style accommodation in a number of buildings, with the Main Building and Annex National registered as Tangible Culture Cultural Properties. A variety of different styles and sizes are available.

Hoshi Onsen Chojukan is famous for the extensive public onsen hot spring facilities. Guests use these facilities for bathing. (Guest rooms do not have private baths).

In the Main Building, guest rooms use shared toilet facilities. In the other buildings, guest rooms have private toilets.

There are 33 guest rooms in total and a capacity of 120 guests. (Many rooms with usually have two guests staying and so even when full there are usually around 90 guests in total).
Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Minakami, Gunma
Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Minakami, Gunma
Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Minakami, Gunma
General Facilities
Sunken hearth and traditional atrium entrance.

Tangible Culture Cultural Property registered buildings.

Onsen hot springs

There are a number of natural onsen hot spring baths to try. Cleaning time for all baths is 10:00am until 10:30am.

Traditional mixed bathing bath. This bathroom is a national registered tangible cultural property.
Ladies only between 8:00pm and 10:00pm.

All cypress indoor bath and an open-air bath with a sense of openness.
Ladies only from 3:00pm until 8:00pm and from 7:00am until 10:00am.
Gentlemen only from 8:00pm until 7:00am.
Closed between 10:30am until 3:00pm.

Japanese cypress pillars and floor.
Women only from 10:30am until 3:00pm and from 8:00pm until 10:00am.
Men only from 3:00pm until 8:00pm.
Traditional Japanese-style cuisine is served at Hoshi Onsen Chojukan. Carefully selected meat and vegetables, delicious fresh local rice and water are used - locally sourced as much as possible.

A variety of high quality Japanese sake is also available. The manager of Chojukan is particularly fond of sake with Shugetsu Junmai Ginjo being particularly recommended. A range of famous local brands are available to try.
Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Minakami, Gunma Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Minakami, Gunma
Charges depend on room type and number of guests staying in a room.

Example rates (two adults with evening meal and breakfast and including service charge and consumption tax

Main Building: 18,510 yen
Annex: 19,590 yen
Horyuden: 22,830 yen
Kunzanso: 24,990 yen
Payment: Cash
Credit Card (Payment by major credit cards is accepted. )
By Train
22km from the Jomo Kogen Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen line
21.9km from the Gokan Station on the Joetsu Line
About 22km from both Jomo Kogen Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen line and Gokan Station on the local Joetsu line.

A public bus is available from the station to Sarugakyo, and a bus is also available from Sarugakyo to Hoshi Onsen (operates twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon).
By Car
22.8km from the Tsukiyono IC on the Kanetsu Expressway
Nearest national route: 4.9km from Route 17
Nearest prefecture road: Prefecture Road 261
Parking is available
About 30 minutes drive from the Tsukiyono IC exit on the Kanetsu Expressway.
Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Minakami, Gunma Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Minakami, Gunma
Hoshi Onsen Chojukan is a historical Japanese style ryokan accommodation offering a relaxing respite from modern life. Relax in the various onsen hot springs, savour some delicious Japanese style cuisine and take in the beautiful quite surroundings.
accommodaton Accommodation Name Hoshi Onsen Chojukan
Please mention SnowJapan.com if you make contact!
telephone Telephone (within Japan) 0278-66-0005
Telephone (from overseas) (81)-278-66-0005
Send direct email houshionsen@gaea.ocn.ne.jp
Official website http://hoshi-onsen.com/english/index.html
address Postal address 650 Nagai
Hoshi Onsen Chojukan
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