Iwakura Resort Hotel (Katashina Village, Gunma)

Iwakura Resort Hotel
Katashina Village, Gunma
岩鞍リゾートホテル (群馬県 片品村)

Iwakura Resort Hotel is a resort hotel located by the slopes of White World Oze Iwakura ski and snowboard resort.

Iwakura Resort Hotel
Type Hotel
General location Located at the base of the White World Oze Iwakura resort
Nearest ski lift Less than 50m
Rooms & capacity 36 rooms
90 guest capacity
Bedding Both Western style beds and Japanese style futons available
Style of toilets Western style
Bathrooms Some rooms have private bathroom
Tatami mats Yes
Internet access Wi-Fi internet connection is available in some places
English speaking? Basic English speaking staff are available
Smoking policy Part non smoking
Pets policy Some restrictions
Guest Rooms
Japanese and Western style resort hotel

Japanese style rooms:

Families can experience a comfortable stay in Japanese style rooms with tatami flooring while enjoying a view of plateau. The rooms are also recommended for groups. (capacity:5 people)

Western style rooms

Japanese/Western style rooms:

These guest rooms have a combination of Japanese and western styles and offer open space and are recommended for long-stay travelers and families.
Iwakura Resort Hotel, Katashina, Gunma
Iwakura Resort Hotel, Katashina, Gunma
Iwakura Resort Hotel, Katashina, Gunma
General Facilities
Enjoy the hot springs from Oze Iwakura Kogen.

Please use the Ichiyama-no-yu to relax after enjoying the nearby outdoor activities and sightseeing. Guests staying at the hotel can use this traditional hot springs as many times as they like during their stay at the hotel.

Katashina Tsuchiide Onsen Hot springs
Ichiyama-no-yu Ukishima(For men)
Mizubasho (for women)
2:00pm - 10:00am (cleaning hours/10:00am - 2:00pm)

Natural hot spring baths
Cold-water baths
Washing areas (Both men and women)
La Saison restaurant
Iwakura Resort Hotel, Katashina, Gunma Iwakura Resort Hotel, Katashina, Gunma
From 10,650 yen per adult

Please see website for more information
Payment: Cash
Credit Card (Major credit cards are accepted)
Iwakura Resort Hotel is located right at the base of the White World Oze Iwakura ski and snowboard resort just a short walk from the nearest lift.

Located in the Katashina region of Gunma Prefecture, the resort is known for it's snow quality during the peak winter months.

Please see the Resort Spotlight for maps and more information on the resort.
By Train
44.8km from the Jomo Kogen Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen line
37.1km from the Numata Station on the Joetsu Line
About 45km from Jomo Kogen Station.
By Car
31.2km from the Numata IC on the Kanetsu Expressway
Nearest national route: 2.3km from Route 401
Parking is available for 200 vehicles
Just over 30km from the Numata IC exit on Kanetsu Expressway.
Iwakura Resort Hotel, Katashina, Gunma Iwakura Resort Hotel, Katashina, Gunma
Iwakura Resort Hotel is located next to the ski resort.

The hotel offers comfortable and high quality lobby area and guest rooms and serves delicious meals prepared using locally produced ingredients, which are unique specialties of Iwakura Resort Hotel.

Customers can use various facilities such as our proud hot spring “Ichiyama-no-yu” to enjoy a high quality resort life.
accommodaton Accommodation Name Iwakura Resort Hotel
Please mention SnowJapan.com if you make contact!
telephone Telephone (within Japan) 0278-58-7131
Telephone (from overseas) (81)-278-58-7131
Send direct email yoyaku@oze-iwakura.co.jp
Official website http://www.oze-iwakura.co.jp/hotel/en/
address Postal address Tsuchiide 2609
Iwakura Resort Hotel
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