Snow and weather reports posted on Wednesday 21st April 2021

Furano Now!

Monday 9th November 2015, 7:41am
Weather conditions: Light cloud burning off.
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Mild 4C at 7am. Fog lifting. Wet roads but no rain. No wind and very peaceful.

The photo is 6.40am Lavender bus heading into town from Kitanomine Village, with the other photo looking back towards Furano town.    Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Monday 9th November 2015, 9:20am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Good morning from Yuzawa. Drizzly rain is falling at the moment and similar to yesterday it doesn't feel particularly cold.

So today is the 9th November and Kagura are hoping to be able to (part) open on 21st November - that's less than two weeks off!

No new snow to report at the moment not much hope on the weekly forecast either really with a mix of clearer weather mid week and then back to rain next weekend. Not to worry, things can - and often do - change very quickly.

A few photos posted below (viewable on the main site)... taken last week when the sun was out and everywhere was looking lovely!


Planned resort opening dates

Saturday November 21st 2015
Kagura - Mitsumata

Saturday December 5th 2015
Joetsu Kokusai

Saturday December 12th 2015
Kagura - Tashiro
Maiko Snow Resort

Friday December 18th 2015
Ishiuchi Maruyama
Yuzawa Nakazato

Saturday December 19th 2015
GALA Yuzawa
NASPA Ski Garden   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Monday 9th November 2015, 9:40am
Weather conditions: Mostly cloudy
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Hello and welcome back to Shiga Kogen Now. I'll be back here this coming season bringing you daily updates from Shiga Kogen - and hopefully it will be another fine season.

We have enjoyed some beautiful autumn scenery - that is nothing new of course but this year things seemed to turn a little earlier than usual. The colours are faded now as winter is just around the corner with both people and wildlife busy preparing themselves for the upcoming cold.

We had a bit of wet snow falling here last Tuesday for a short while, and a few cold days. The thermometer was down to -4 degrees on Thursday early morning. It has been warmer since then and this morning feels relatively mild with a temperature of around 10 degrees.

The forecast is for another dip in temperatures starting tomorrow but not much in terms of the chance of snow.

One of the signs of winter just around the corner is the closing of the section of Route 292 that connects the southern area of Shiga Kogen with Gunma Prefecture. This year that road will close at 1pm on Monday 16th November (and be closed until 22nd April 2016). The mountain road connecting Okushiga Kogen with Nozawa Onsen is already closed.

So when will the lifts open? Well, Shiga Kogen as a whole is putting it out there that lifts plan to start any time from Saturday 14th November! Of course the start of the season is always very limited, but with no snow forecast before then such a date seems very unlikely!

I'll be updating the report a few times a week now with the latests until we get going proper for the season.   Read more ...

Naeba Now!

Monday 9th November 2015, 10:02am
Weather conditions: Cloudy
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Hope you all had a good 6 months since the last report was posted here. Time enough for a recharge before the 15-16 season kicks off.

And winter is now just around the corner as well.

Before I begin a bit of news from the Kagura area - from July next year the Mitsumata area of Kagura is going to be opening a 1100m 'summer mat' course and calling themselves an 'all season resort'. Should be a good diversion during those hot summer days!

A new cafe & restaurant called Snowman is also opening near the top of the Mitsumata Ropeway this season.

Back here to Naeba and everyone here while still busy-busy preparing are looking forward to a big season. Yesterday was the last day of autumn season operations for the Dragondola. Not the best of weather for the day but there have been some spectacular colours this autumn season.

All eyes looking forward to winter now and here are the planned opening dates:

Planned resort opening dates:

Naeba: Saturday 12th December
Kagura (Mitsumata Ropeway): Saturday 21st November
Kagura (Tashiro Ropeway): Saturday 12th December

All depends on the snow of course but if all goes well Kagura might be able to open part a week on Saturday. It will all depend on snowfall of course.

Twice weekly reports from now until when Naeba opens on this Naeba Now page. Kagura will get more coverage over on the Yuzawa Now pages.

If you haven't seen it already, do go over and check the new TRAVEL section on SnowJapan - lots of great info over there including how to get to Naeba:   Read more ...

Myoko Now!

Monday 9th November 2015, 23:06pm
Weather conditions: Rain and gray today
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Ah, the November gloom and cold rain is here, reminding us that the preparations for the snowy season—like tying up the trees, slapping on the snow tires and getting the monster snowthrower ready - better get done soon! There's always the chance for a sudden heavy November snow that breaks down trees before melting (don't get too excited; it doesn't stay long).

Things are pretty much the same in our fair town: we are certainly on the world map now (take a look at the cover of the September issue of Powder magazine, shot up above the Akakura Kanko Resort). Hard to believe it, as sleepy as the town is right now. Things change, of course, but this is a pretty tight little town so the good things pretty much stay the same. OK, a little old and a bit tatty in the summer, but that's better than glass and steel planned resort style, right?

And the main news of the day: the official word on the likewise official openings just came out today, so we can start looking toward the season of snow and fun with some knowledge in hand. And here we go, until further notice:


Planned opening dates (may change depending on the snow; hats off to Akakura Onsen for their optimism!)

Akakura Kanko:
Friday, December 18

Akakura Onsen:
Saturday, December 12

Ikenotaira Onsen:
Friday, December 18

Myoko Suginohara:
Saturday, December 19

Seki Onsen:
Sunday, December 20

Myoko Ski Park:
Sunday, December 20

Kyukamura RunRun:
Saturday, December 19

Tangram Ski Circus:
Saturday, December 19

Madarao Kogen:
Friday, December 18

---   Read more ...

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