Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 26th May 2019

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Saturday 8th February 2003, 7:52am
Weather conditions: Sun
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It looks like we'll get another perfect day like yesterday. The conditions are best in the morning. In the afternoon the snow becomes wet and heavy, especially on the bottom slopes.
Around the holiday on the 11th the resort is usually very crowded.
"Nighta" at the Nagasaka slopes from 5 to 8pm today.   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Saturday 8th February 2003, 9:42am
Weather conditions: Sun, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Sunny weather appeared yesterday afternoon, providing fantastic visibility and great runs off the peak. No new snow overnight means most of the resort is hard underfoot today. Weather is currently cloudy with sunny moments, and the wind is slight. Air temperature once again is mild, and best snow conditions can be found up high.   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Saturday 8th February 2003, 9:49am
Weather conditions: Sun, cloud > snow later?
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
A bright blue sunny start to the weekend, with none of the snow clouds forecast for later on in the day currently in sight. Temperatures at around -1.

Good snow conditions continue - see you out there...   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Saturday 8th February 2003, 10:07am
Weather conditions: Bright, clear
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Blue skies first thing again today, though they're looking a little whiter now. The temperature is up to minus 2.

Conditions on the slopes remain hard and fast. HakubaNow journeyed up to Western Niigata yesterday following the heavy snowfall there on Thursday. Knee-deep powder made for great conditions, though the bright sunshine made all but north-facing slopes quite heavy or crusty by the end of the day.

The weatherman is still saying rain for tonight in both Hakuba and Otari. Snow may fall higher up, but that's as much as we can hope for. The warm front looks like it will continue until Tuesday. There is increased avalanche danger when temperatures rise to zero and/or rain falls, so caution should be exercised out of bounds.   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Saturday 8th February 2003, 10:33am
Weather conditions: Sun, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
What a fine day it is going to be! After taking a trip to the top of the mountain, I can say the views are breathtaking today. The sun is out, not many clouds around at 10:30, and it's not too cold this morning.

No new snow overnight, but the snow remains in very good condition, and like most weekends this season so far the slopes aren't busy early on.

Have a great weekend.   Read more ...

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