Snow and weather reports posted on Saturday 30th May 2020

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 6:18am
Weather conditions: Partly cloudy
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
Good morning from Nozawa.

A warm day yesterday. At 3pm the resort was reporting a temperature of +7C up on the top of the mountain and it was mid-teens down below in the village.

Today we should be seeing more sunshine and blue skies (some cloud early on) and while it will be mild it won't be as warm as it was yesterday. It is calm early on, perhaps some moderate north-westerly winds around the middle of the day.

Currently, generally cloudy skies are forecast for tomorrow.


Saturday 6th April 2019

Fresh snowfall reported by the ski resort (since yesterday morning):

- Yamabiko (1407m): 0cm
- Uenotaira (1230m): 0cm
- Hikage (660m): no longer reporting
- Nagasaka (615m): no longer reporting
- Karasawa (563m): no longer reporting

Official snow depth numbers (reported by resort):

- Yamabiko (1407m): 305cm
- Uenotaira (1230m): 230cm
- Hikage (660m): no longer reporting
- Nagasaka (615m): no longer reporting
- Karasawa (563m): no longer reporting

The following lifts are operating:

- Nagasaka Gondola (8:10am - 3:30pm; last one down 3:30pm)
- Yamabiko Four (8:30am - 3:20pm)
- Yamabiko Number 2 Four (8:25am - 3:30pm)
- Uenotaira Four (8:30am - 3:30pm)
- Paradise Four (8:00am - 3:40pm

The following courses are open:

- Yamabiko A
- Yamabiko B
- Yamabiko C
- Yamabiko D
- Yamabiko E
- Kokenashi
- Uenotaira
- Paradise
- Mizunashi
- Bunabayashi
- Paradise

The following courses remain available to ski back down:

- Challenge
- Utopia
- Ushikubi
- Rinkan
- Kumataka


Nozawa Onsen plans to be open until Monday 6th May   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 6:37am
Weather conditions: Mostly fine clear blue skies
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
Good morning from Yuzawa.

And it is going to be another day of fine weather.

I think it did rain overnight as the roads are looking a bit damp - but it is mostly clear skies early morning and the sun is out.

It will not be quite as warm as it was yesterday but still probably rise to around 11C in town this afternoon. Perhaps slightly cooler tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies forecast with the chance of some rain in the afternoon.

After being closed Monday through Friday, Maiko Snow Resort is re-opening for the weekend - they will have their Gondola, Nagamine Number 2 quad and Okusoeji quad lifts operating. Maiko will be open today and tomorrow, with tomorrow being the last day of the season.

This weekend is also the last for Ishiuchi Maruyama, Iwappara and Joetsu Kokusai.

So from Monday just the Kandatsu Kogen, GALA Yuzawa and Kagura resorts will remain open.


Updated: Saturday 6th April 2019

* Official snow depths (where available) and resort specific information.
* Information checked manually each morning at time of report.

Ski resorts in Yuzawa:

GALA Yuzawa
- 270cm (official snow depth)
- The Central Area and part of the Northern Area remain open
- The lift connections between GALA Yuzawa and Yuzawa Kogen and Ishiuchi Maruyama are now closed

- 85cm (official snow depth)
- The Central area remain open with two lifts (Number 2 and 3) operating and three courses open

- Kagura: 270cm (official snow depth)
- Mitsumata Area: 210cm (official snow depth)
- Tashiro Area: 240cm (official snow depth)

Kandatsu Kogen
- 190cm (official snow depth)
- Mostly open


Ski resorts in Minamiuonuma - just to the north of Yuzawa:

Ishiuchi Maruyama
- Top: 150cm (official snow depth)
- Base: 90cm (official snow depth)
- Access via the Chuo base area
- The lift connection between the top area and the North Area of GALA Yuzawa resort is now closed

Joetsu Kokusai
- 160cm (official snow depth)
- Part open


Planned closing dates for each ski resort in Yuzawa and Minamiuonuma (subject to change)

Until Sunday 7th April
- Ishiuchi Maruyama
- Iwappara
- Joetsu Kokusai
- Maiko Snow Resort (* note: closed from 1st through 5th April)
- Nakazato Snow Wood

Until Sunday 21st April
- Kandatsu Kogen

Until Monday 6th May
- GALA Yuzawa
- Kagura (Tashiro Ropeway)

Until Sunday 26th May
- Kagura (via Mitsumata Ropeway)

Already closed
- Chateau Shiozawa
- Hakkai Sanroku
- Ipponsugi
- Ishiuchi Hanaoka
- Itsukamachi
- Muica Snow Resort
- Muikamachi Hakkaisan
- Naeba
- NASPA Ski Garden
- Yuzawa Kogen
- Yuzawa Nakazato
- Yuzawa Park   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 6:54am
Weather conditions: Mostly cloudy
New snowfall: 2cm
Snow depth: --
Good morning from Niseko.

I have some fresh snow to report this morning. Just a bit, but enough to whiten over some of the more 'used-looking' snow close to base. Lots of cloud around at the moment but we may get some sunshine later on in the day.

Mostly cloudy conditions yesterday and this morning there is still a lot of cloud around the mountain but some blue sky and the sun shining through too off to the east. We might enjoy some periods of sunshine over the next few days.

Can I just mention that I did actually go back to update that report that I made on 3rd when I was over in Hakodate (nice place). Niseko Grand Hirafu was reporting an impressive 20cm of fresh snow on the upper slopes that morning and I must admit to being a bit miffed that I missed that and couldn't get to enjoy it.

It will be interesting to see how much there might be on higher slopes this morning...


I need to post an early report this morning and so there is not yet any specific ski lift related information that I can share. We are expecting some westerly winds today.


Last two days of the season for Hanazono and Village!


Ski resort operation information: Saturday 6th April 2019
Subject to change due to weather conditions

Niseko Grand Hirafu
Plans to be open until Monday 6th May 2019

Official snow depth (reported by resort):
- Peak: 330cm
- Base: 100cm

Ski lifts operation news:
- Plans to be open until Monday 6th May


Niseko HANAZONO Resort
Plans to be open until Sunday 7th April 2019

Official snow depth (reported by resort):
- Peak: 230cm
- Base: 145cm

Ski lifts operation news:
- Plans to be open until Sunday 7th April


Niseko Annupuri
Plans to be open until Monday 6th May 2019

Official snow depth (reported by resort):
- Peak: 250cm
- Base: 80cm

Ski lifts operation news:
- Plans to be open until Monday 6th May


Niseko Village
Plans to be open until Sunday 7th April 2019

Official snow depth (reported by resort):
- Peak: 250cm
- Base: 80cm

Ski lifts operation news:
- Plans to be open until Sunday 7th April   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 7:14am
Weather conditions: Fine morning
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
Good morning.

Early morning report from Hakuba and after a beautiful and warm day yesterday, it looks like we should be enjoying more blue skies today; though perhaps not as warm.

And I have just seen this --- Happo-one appears to be ireporting 5cm of fresh snow top of Riesen quad lift. Hakuba 47 is not reporting any fresh.

Tomorrow there will be more cloud and the forecast shows the chance of some light rain.

There are still some signs of snow potential first part of the week though!

Anyway, have a great weekend wherever you are.


Ski resort information on Saturday 6th April 2019:
The below info is checked manually each morning and believed to be correct at time of report.
Some not updated this morning - too early!

Hakuba Happo-one

Official snow depth:
- Kurobishi: 315cm
- Usagidaira: 210cm
- Nakiyama: 45cm

- Riesen Grat, Usagidaira, Kurobishi, Panorama, Skyline, Riesen Slalom, Nakiyama South Side and Kitaone 3 areas remain open
- Base areas are closed apart from Nakiyama South Side and Shirakaba South Side (part)
- Hakuba Happo-one plans to be open until Monday 6th May


Hakuba Goryu

Official snow depth:
- Top: 285cm
- Toomi: 130cm
- Iimori: 60cm

- Iimori base area is now closed
- Toomi area will be open until 7th April
- Top areas remain open open
- Hakuba Goryu plans to be open until Monday 6th May


Hakuba 47

Official snow depth:
- Top: 270cm
- Base: 85cm

- All courses are open
- Hakuba 47 plans to be open until Monday 6th May


Tsugaike Kogen

Official snow depth:
- Tsuga-no-mori: 280cm
- Han-no-ki: 230cm
- Shirakaba: 180cm

- Tsugaike Ropeway is now generally open for spring operations (check for daily operation plans)
- Tsuga-no-mori, Han-ko, Han-no-ki and Karamatsu course areas remain open
- Other course areas are now closed
- Tsugaike Kogen plans to be open until Monday 6th May


Hakuba Valley Kashimayari

Official snow depth:
- 135cm

- Lifts 2 and 5 are operating
- The West Mt area remains part open
- Plans to be open until 7th April   Read more ...

Geto Kogen Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 7:49am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 2cm
Snow depth: --
Hello and good morning from Geto Kogen.

And a little fresh snow on the grond this morning with light snow falling early on. It's not expected to last and perhaps there'll be clearer skies later on.

Tomorrow there is a chance of some light rain. Let's hope we can avoid that.


Official snow depths:

* Top: 370cm
* Base: 240cm

Planned operating lifts - subject to change due to weather:

* Number 1 Gondola
* Number 1 pair lift

- Other lifts now closed for the season

Courses & Tree Runs - subject to change due to weather:

* All of the main official courses are available
* All tree runs open   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 8:16am
Weather conditions: Mostly cloudy
New snowfall: 6cm
Snow depth: --
Furano has been hit with a snow front that has deposited 6cm of nice fresh spring snow on the ground. Overnight the winds were very strong, but have now started to ease up. It is currently still snowing but looks like it will stop soon. The high will go up to +2c which will melt away that new snow around the village, but the slopes will be fine and this top of of new snow will provide some great skiing over the weekend.   Read more ...

Aizu Bandai Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 8:47am
Weather conditions: Fine
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
Good morning from Urabandai.

It is a sunny morning with beautiful blue skies all around.
The wind was blowing strongly last night and it is calm right now but according to the forecast, it there will be a fairly strong wind again from the west this afternoon. A spring storm perhaps.

It was a warm sunny day yesterday but it is a bit colder again this morning. And believe or not, there is some snowfall forecast again on for Monday night.

The snow conditions on the slopes are a bit hard but there is plenty left to enjoy.

* Minowa - C lift closed due to the strong wind. Only the B lift is open.


The photos for today are from Nekoma (the first two) and Grandeco.


Nekoma - lift 5/5, course 8/11 open (open until there is enough snow)
Grandeco - lift 4/5 include one gondola, course 8/11 open (open until there is enough snow)
Minowa - lift 1/3, course 5/11 open (open until April 7th)

Alts Bandai, Urabandai, Inawashiro, Inawashiro resort, Numajiri, Listel, Family Bandai Bandai - already closed for the season   Read more ...

Minakami Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 9:04am
Weather conditions: Clear, scattered clouds
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
Thursday's glorious conditions lasted till around noon when warm weather put a stop to the fun. The run outs were so sticky as to be virtually impassable and they closed the cat track yesterday for this very reason. Temps hit a high of 15C at my place!

Yesterday was warm and clear, we had a little rain overnight but the weather is beautiful today and forecast to remain so for the weekend.

Snow is forecast from Monday evening through Thursday. This comes with a caveat as it may fall as rain around the bottom of the mountain.

This is Hodaigi's last weekend operational which will leave Tenjin as the last mountain standing here in the Minakami area. The snow base in my backyard is still over 1m and there is plenty up top. Backcountry isn't too shabby either (see photo), provided your timing is right.

As things stand I don't see any trouble with them running through Golden Week this year. I

n terms of events, the Minakami Vibes bowl is starting to take shape and it's looking pretty spicy. Sat April 13 and Sun Apr 14th are the dates with a big party at my place on Saturday night!


Ski resort planned closing dates - subject to change depending on conditions:

Sunday 31st March

- Hodaigi (currently part open)
- Minakami Kogen (currently part open)
- Okutone Snow Park (currently part open)

Early May

- Tenjindaira


All other ski hills in Minakami are now closed   Read more ...

Myoko Now!

Saturday 6th April 2019, 10:25am
Weather conditions: Clear and hazy
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
A quick report for a sunny and hazy weekend (so far; looks like rain later....).

It is sunny, and it is hazy; the Gobi sands are going to be blowing in, turning the cars whitish and adding an interesting surface to the snow (it can actually cut down the stickiness of the snow a bit. And make your skis gray afterwards).

Lots of snow on the slopes, although you could really see the snowpack come down yesterday. A fairly brisk north wind at the moment; just watched some pretty big snow tornados rising off the far side of Mt. Kanna. If you're in the backcountry, you're going to get blown around....


Akakura Kanko:
280cm, 1°; open until May 6 (snow permitting)

Akakura Onsen:
180cm, 1°; open until April 7

Ikenotaira Onsen:

Myoko Suginohara:

Seki Onsen:
400cm, 0° (no new reports, though); open until May 6 (snow permitting)

Myoko Ski Park:

Kyukamura RunRun:

Tangram Ski Circus:

Madarao Kogen:

Lotte Arai Resort
463cm, 8.8°

Kurohime Kogen Snow Park
   Read more ...

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