Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 1st April 2018

Niseko Now!

Friday 4th November 2016, 8:48am
Weather conditions: Cloudy
New snowfall: 3cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Good morning everyone, and I have some more snow to report this morning - 3cm of it in fact, down here at base.

Things were looking green and brown once again during the day yesterday, but the snow started falling last night and this morning we're back to white once again. I wonder how much there is higher up there on the mountains...

More snowfall is forecast on and off over the next few days along with some cold temperatures but it looks like it should get a bit warmer early next week.


We are now less than 3 weeks away from the first ski lifts opening in Niseko. Below are the planned dates for the four main resorts:

Niseko Grand Hirafu: Wednesday 23rd November 2016 until Sunday 7th May 2017
Niseko Annupuri: Saturday 26th November 2016 until Sunday 7th May 2017
Niseko Hanazono: Saturday 3rd December 2016 until Sunday 2nd April 2017
Niseko Village: Thursday 1st December 2016 until Sunday 2nd April 2017

Night skiing is planned from Saturday 10th December until Monday 20th March 2017 at the Annupuri, Grand Hirafu and Village resort areas.


'Where are those SnowJapan updates?', I hear you asking! Well, as far as I can tell they are going to be coming very soon as the guys make their final preparations. It's all very complex by the sounds of it, and I can believe it with the major changes being made. Hopefully the launch of the new content will go smoothly. Keep your eyes on the main site for the latest news.

I will be back here with some more Niseko Now reports with news of snow as we approach the opening of the season, and then I will be posting reports every day of the season once the lifts start moving.   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Friday 4th November 2016, 9:13am
Weather conditions: Cloudy
New snowfall: 7cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Although we have had a taste of wintery weather on and off up until now it seems this time the real winter weather has arrived. Yesterday turned very cold and it started snowing midway through the day. The difference this time was that the ground temperatures have dropped and the snowfall settled on the road easily. By early evening there was an accumulation of 7cm in the village and reports of substantially more on the mountain itself.

This morning the cold weather remains with us and a check of the thermometer reveals it is still a chilly 0c at 9am. The roads remain frozen from overnight and are very white and icy this morning. It continues to snow now and the forecast is for more snow throughout today, with a further 6cm expected and then on top of that a whopping 18cm predicted at mid mountain level throughout Saturday.

The start to winter in Furano is looking very positive.   Read more ...

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