Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 10th May 2021

Yuzawa Now!

Saturday 2nd May 2015, 8:06am
Weather conditions: Sunny and warming up quickly
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Good morning from Yuzawa and today is the first of run of five days off for most of Japan - and the last stretch of the season for Naeba and GALA Yuzawa, and also the Tashiro part of Kagura. All of those areas open until Wednesday. (Kagura will continue on until the end of the month via Mitsumata).

Anyway, weather wise it's once again more of the same.

The sun is out and it's going to be hot once again.... a high of 28 degrees is forecast for town today! That hot enough for you?

No new snow to report. :)

Same for tomorrow and we're still looking at some rain on Monday/Tuesday.


The photos below were taken at and of Naeba yesterday afternoon - it will look pretty much the same this morning, perhaps slightly less snow!


Official snow depths:
** General opening plans - any unplanned closures will be mentioned in the above report **

GALA Yuzawa:
Official snow depth of 130cm.
Most of the Central Area and part of the North Area remain open. The South Area is now closed.
The downhill course is also now closed - get down back to base using the Gondola.

Official snow depth of 290cm.
All three main areas of Kagura remain pretty much fully open.

Official snow depth of 120cm.
Part of the upper area of Naeba will open from until 6th May.
All lower areas now closed.


Planned closing dates for resorts in the Yuzawa region
Information as currently available and of course subject to change depending on conditions. Resorts not mentioned below are now closed.

Open until Wednesday May 6th:

- Naeba
- GALA Yuzawa
- Kagura (Tashiro)

Open until Sunday May 31st:

- Kagura (Mitsumata)
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Niseko Now!

Saturday 2nd May 2015, 8:32am
Weather conditions: Clear and sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 255cm
Good morning from Niseko and here we are in 'the last bit'. The proper last bit. Just 5 more days left. And with lots of folk in Japan on holidays and the fine weather conditions, I'd expect quite a few people turning out for their last turns of the season.

For today and tomorrow, it's mostly sunny skies with temperatures warming up to around 20 degrees forecast. A moderate wind but that does not seem to be affecting the lifts at the start of the day.

From Monday slightly colder temps and some rain are forecast, but it should get back to being clear and sunny for the last day or two of the holidays.

Hope you can enjoy it. Come Thursday there'll be no lifts. Lasto chansu.


Thanks for the questions.

Someone asked when I first visited Niseko. That would be back in 1990, so about 25 years ago (though I have not been here all of that time).

How things have changed since then!

Lots of Japanese ski resorts/ski villages may well be accused of remaining like they were during the ski boom in the late 80's, just rustier and quieter. Niseko has probably seen the most changes and in lots of ways it is unrecognisable from what it was way back then. There's lots of good things of course and there is certainly more to do now off the slopes and many more places to eat and beautiful places to stay etc. It also means that the mountain is much more crowded though - one of the less exciting things that inevitably comes with the kind of popularity that Niseko enjoys.

Us lucky ones who can remember it when there was seemingly unlimited untracked goodness to be enjoyed through the day in peak season must learn to treasure those memories!


Planned resort operations for the rest of the season - weather conditions may mean changes on any given day, but these are the plans!

Niseko Grand Hirafu:
- Ace Quad Number 2 Center four - until May 6
- King Triple Lift Number 3 - until May 6
- King Number 4 - until May 6
- Hirafu Gondola - from May 2 until May 6
- Spring Park plans to be open until May 6

Lower areas closed - get back down using the Ace Number 2 Center four lift or the Hirafu Gondola on the days it is operation.
The Holiday Course is open when the Gondola is operating.

Niseko Annupuri:
- Annupuri Gondola - until May 6
- Jumbo Number 1 quad - until May 6
- Jumbo Number 4 pair - until May 6

Niseko Village:
- Niseko Gondola - until May 6

Lower areas closed - get back down using the Gondola.
Connection with Niseko Grand Hirafu open.

Niseko Hanazono:
Niseko Hanazono is now closed for the season.


Official resort snow depths:

Grand Hirafu:
Top - 255cm
Base - 0cm

Niseko Annupuri:
Top - 235cm
Base - 20cm


Niseko Grand Hirafu 6 day weather and snow forecast   Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Saturday 2nd May 2015, 8:40am
Weather conditions: Sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 65cm
Here we are... Golden Week.

It's kind of a normal Saturday but as Monday to Wednesday are holidays in effect it's a 5 day break for many people. Lots of places get busy. I'm pretty sure a fair few people will be choosing to enjoy their last turns of the season here in Nozawa as well.

Down in the village it's full on spring and almost feels like early summer at times with the warm day time temperatures - today and tomorrow they will once again rise to mid-20s.

Early week we can expect some rain (lots of rain on Monday, according to some forecasts) and it not be quite as warm. But the sun is due back Tuesday and Wednesday.

Earlier lift starting times from today until Wednesday.


Hands up if you like tempura?

Well, from 2pm tomorow (Sunday 3rd May) if you are feeling a bit peckish and feel like some mountain vegetable tempura, head over to the Nagasaka Gondola base station. (Or maybe get there a bit early as there's a limited amount).


Official snow depths:

Yamabiko - 160cm
Uenotaira - 65cm


Lifts operations

Operating daily until Wednesday 6th May:

* The times in brackets are the special early opening times until Wednesday 6th May:

- Nagasaka Gondola (*8:10am)
- Yamabiko Number 2 Four lift (*8:30am)
- Yamabiko Four lift (*8:25am)
- Uenotaira Four lift (*8:30am)
- Paradise Four lift (*8:30am)
- Skyline connecting pair lift


Courses that remain open

Yamabiko A
Yamabiko B
Yamabiko C
Yamabiko D
Yamabiko E


Nozawa Onsen 6 day weather and snow forecast
Nozawa Onsen main resort data
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Hakuba Now!

Saturday 2nd May 2015, 8:50am
Weather conditions: Sun, and more sun
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Golden Week honban!

Hello and a good morning from what seems like the ever-sunny Hakuba. Lots of folk driving in to enjoy the fine weather and what's left of the snow. Got to get those last turns in before we say goodbye proper to the season.

The sun is out and again it's going to warm up to around 25C here in the village. It should be nice and warm up on the slopes too. Great stuff.

The sun is likely to be with us again tomorrow though maybe more cloud and then some rain due around Monday.

Clear skies are currently forecast for the last day of the holidays on Wednesday though.

Let's Golden Week!


Official snow depth numbers and planned operations. Subject to change:

Hakuba Goryu:
Top of Hakuba Goryu plans to be at least part open until Sunday 10th May.
All lower areas arew now closed. Top Panorama, Grand Prix and Super courses remain open. Ride the Gondola back down.
The following lifts remain open:
- Hakuba Goryu Telecabin Gondola (until 10th May)
- Alps Number 1 pair lift (until 10th May)
- Alps Number 3 pair lift
- Alps Number 2/4 pair lift

** Official snow depth:
Alps Daira - 135cm


Hakuba 47:
Hakuba 47 plans to be at least part open until Wednesday 6th May.
Almost all areas remain open, though lower northern facing areas are thin on snow.
The following lifts remain open:
- Gondola
- Pair lift Line AB
- Quad lift Line C
- High speed pair Line E

** Official snow depth:
Upper - 105cm
Lower - 20cm


Happo-one plans to be at least part open until Sunday 10th May.
The top area of the resort remains open - all lower areas now closed, so you need to take the Gondola back down.
The following lifts remain open:
- Adam Gondola
- Alpen quad
- Usagidaira pair
- Kurobishi Number 2 quad
- Kurobishi Number 3 pair
- Skyline Number 2 pair
- Grat quad
- Panorama pair
- Hakuba Kokusai Number 3 pair

The Kokusai Number 1 pair and Saka Kita One quad lifts are also scheduled to be operating from today until Wednesday 6th May. They are effectively acting as 'get you there' lifts to relieve some of the pressure from the Gondola.

** Official snow depth:
Usagidaira - 100cm


Tsugaike Kogen:
Tsugaike Kogen plans to be at least part open until Wednesday 6th May.
Top area open. Lower areas all closed.
The following lifts remain open:
- Eve Gondola
- Han-no-ki high speed pair
- Tsuga Number 2 pair
- Tsugaike Ropeway

** Official snow depth:
Tsuga-no-mori - 195cm


Other resorts in the area are now closed for the season.   Read more ...

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