Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 1st April 2018

Niseko Now!

Tuesday 26th October 2010, 9:20am
Weather conditions: Partly cloudy
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Early this morning saw the first snowfall to village level of the season. Up to a couple of cm's fell but the ground is still quite warm and only a little has settled down low, melting quickly in the little sun poking through the clouds. Up on the mountain though all the ski runs have a thin coat of white and Yotei is white top to bottom.
A lot more precipitation is expected throughout today and overnight which will continue to fall as snow to low levels although at village level it's likely to be a mix of wet snow, sleet and rain. By tomorrow we can expect there to be enough snow on the upper slopes for a couple of very early turns for those keen enough to hike up.
After tomorrow it will warm up again and there's no further snowfalls expected over the coming week.
Anyway 26 Oct is pretty early for the first snowfall to village level. Hopefully it's a harbinger of big things to come!    Read more ...

Furano Now!

Tuesday 26th October 2010, 9:23am
Weather conditions: Snowing
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The first snow of the season has arrived on Furano Ski Area. Snowfall this morning has been variable between light and moderate. Snow has settled from halfway to the top of the mountain, and is visible on vegetation at base level. It will disapear as soon as the sun hits it, but none the less it is the begining of the snow season. Current temperature is 3deg at the base and just below freezing at the top of the mountain.

   Read more ...

Zao Now!

Tuesday 26th October 2010, 14:53pm
Weather conditions: -
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The last few weeks has seen the temperatures drop and some magnificent scenery in the area. Winter is next though and there is a good chance that we will be getting some snow falling tonight so I am hoping that tomorrow I will be bringing you some good news....   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Tuesday 26th October 2010, 18:15pm
Weather conditions: Wind, rain -- snow up top tonight?
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The last few weeks has seen temperatures drop and the heaters are out now - how things change so quickly! The autumn leaves are still around of course but getting lower down the mountainside. We might still officially be in autumn mode, but it's feeling more and more like winter is just round the corner now.

This evening it is windy and with a temperature or just a few degrees in the positive it feels very cold. It is a wet one too, but it may well have actually been snowing higher up this afternoon in some places. Snow is likely overnight in higher areas on the mountains, so it will be exciting to see how things have turned out tomorrow morning...   Read more ...

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