Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 10th May 2021

Furano Now!

Sunday 25th November 2007, 9:24am
Weather conditions: Cloudy. Light snow expected from mid afternoon.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Cloudy skies today with breaks of sunshine.

Snow expected on the peak later this afternoon and through to tomorrow morning.

Yesterday mountain management opened the top 3 lift for the first time. This is a new double chair that replaces the old single (no safety bar) chair. The new double chair was fast and after the initial wait for the chair to open lift lines were non-existent on that chair.

Knee deep turns for all off the top double chair. The snow was dry and light which was surprising for this early in the season.

Overall the mountain was exceptionally busy yesterday. The ropeway had a wait of 3 departures (about 30 minutes) for some periods during the morning. Many locals were up for the first turns for the season and it was great to see all the smiling faces.

Snow began to fall early morning yesterday and it snowed for around 4 hours on Upper Mountain.

Snow forecast is for more snow later this evening and 4 days next week, however temperatures are not as cool as last week so snow quality probably wont be as good as last weeks storm.
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Yuzawa Now!

Sunday 25th November 2007, 9:57am
Weather conditions: Sun, blue skies
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The sun is out again this morning and it looks set to be a fine and sunny day. Today the Kagura No. 3 Romance lift, Mitsumata No 3 lift and Mitsumata No. 2 lift will also be running, as there are a fair few people up there enjoying this first weekend on the snow.   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Sunday 25th November 2007, 14:40pm
Weather conditions: Mostly cloudy
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Much warmer conditions out there today compared to yesterday. Still the one lift open for skiing as per yesterday. Turns up on the mountain yesterday were fun with light snow falling in the afternoon. No new snow fell last night and its a little crunchy underfoot down in the village here with the snow softening throughout the day. This morning's turns were very pleasant on the groomed runs of Ace 3 but most of the good stuff at the side of the runs is tracked out. The snow starved skiers of opening day have seen to that. There are still skiers going off trail and skiing down the main runs which is currently forbidden. Ski patrol seem to be turning a blind eye to some of them, but its not a wise move this early in the season.

Friday's drumming at Seicomart which we reported as a season opening ceremony was actually the opening of the new 'security centre' adjacent to Seicomart. This is a new kind of support centre for safety and security in the village, as well as a general information centre. It will be used in a similar way to a 'koban' or police box, however no police will man the office. There is one foreigner and some of the staff from SunSports information centre (Hirafu Shibu) who will be working at the centre.

The site was formerly used as the Kumagorou cafe 2 seasons ago. The local community hope that in the future the police will eventually take over this office to provide a stronger presence than currently exists.
Although our village is probably one of the safest ski resorts in the world with very little petty crime to speak of, it is interesting that the establishment of this centre coincides with increased security measures at all airports in Japan last week. From 19 November, all foreigners entering Japan regardless of their purpose of travel (business or pleasure) will be fingerprinted and photographed. The new security laws are explained as anti-terrorism and with the G8 summit taking place just an hours drive from here in Toya next summer, one can perhaps understand the locals feeling a little bit apprehensive about another massive influx of foreigners this coming winter.    Read more ...

Myoko Now!

Sunday 25th November 2007, 21:36pm
Weather conditions: clear
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Sunny weather with high temperatures melted alot of the primer. Most snow depths are now under 1m on the slopes. Light snows are expected as the week progresses with the promise of a ski-season that's right on schedule.   Read more ...

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