Snow and weather reports posted on Saturday 30th May 2020

Yuzawa Now!

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 7:12am
Weather conditions: Cloud, snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The snow continued for most of yesterday, giving us another 20cm or so.

It's another very cold morning and currently cloudy - snowing higher up - and it looks like snow will once more move in on Yuzawa later in the day with the possibility of heavy snow again tomorrow.

It looks like it will be good timing this time round as currently the forecast is for a fine weekend.

We'll give you an update this evening.   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 8:43am
Weather conditions: Light snow.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Light snowfalls continued through yesterday and eased a little overnight. As usual after the briefest moments of sunshine early on the snow is falling again currently. The low pressure system in the Sea of Okhotsk has remained almost stationary for about a week now and is continuing to direct N-NW winds over us with ongoing cool temps and snowfalls.

There is speculation that the large snowfalls we are receiving this season are in some part due to the less than normal ice cover over the Sea of Okhotsk. The lack of ice is allowing more evapouration into the airstream being directed over us and thus more snow. If this is the effect global warming is going to have on our winters, I say bring it on!   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 10:01am
Weather conditions: Sunny
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
After a cold, starry night, we awoke to clear blue skies and mild winds. Tempretures are still below zero although the sun is out and it looks to be another beautiful day!

Avalanche Danger HIGH above tree line
Avalanche Danger CONSIDERABLE below tree line

Watch for instabilities around buried rain crust. Over 120cm on snow on top of the rain crust on leeward slopes.

Compression test - easy to moderate/under rain crust.

Be increasingly cautious as solar radiation intensifies on south-facing leeward slopes.
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Shiga Kogen Now!

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 18:15pm
Weather conditions: Blue skies, some cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Today was one of those days when the forecast doesn't promise much but it turns out to be a fantastic day on the slopes. For the most part it was sunny with some blue skies and clouds hanging on. The snow conditions out there were excellent as well with a bit more since yesterday.

We took a lot of photos out there today and so look for a gallery update in the next few days...   Read more ...

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