Snow and weather reports posted on Wednesday 21st April 2021

Furano Now!

Saturday 21st November 2015, 7:58am
Weather conditions: Lots of cloud action this morning. Anything could happen.
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Hmmmm this was not the forecast...

Not raining but I hold deep suspicions. Very wet out there. Was a bit gusty but seems to have stilled now. Minus four Celcius at 7am. Yesterday's dusting still visible on the upper regions of the resort but cannot see it lasting the day.

We shall see.

Photo 1 is the resort, Kitanomine Zone this morning.
Photo 2 is a flag fluttering in a gusty morning breeze.   Read more ...

Naeba Now!

Saturday 21st November 2015, 10:49am
Weather conditions: Cloudy, early fog
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Good morning and rainy conditions have continued here which hasn't helped with the "snow making" going on at the base of Naeba... yes, those machines have started their early season work to help make sure that things get started as planned.

Talking of getting started as planned, the Mitsumata Ropeway has started the season off this morning. No, not real snow yet but those new snow mats are currently being tested out by the first riders of the season up there.

So lots of cloud around at the moment, hopefully tomorrow should be clearer if there's no snow to be had....


We plan to have these Naeba Now reports updated on a daily basis from when Naeba itself opens - with a few updates before then - but in the meantime, more regular updates covering Kagura can be found on the Yuzawa Now report page.

Yuzawa Now reports

Planned resort opening dates:

Naeba: Saturday 12th December
Kagura (Mitsumata Ropeway): Mitsumata area now open using snow mats
Kagura (Tashiro Ropeway): Saturday 12th December
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Shiga Kogen Now!

Saturday 21st November 2015, 11:47am
Weather conditions: Foggy
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Morning from Shiga Kogen, and unfortunately we are still without snow with no lifts being able to get moving yet.

It's pretty cold at the moment - thermometer was saying 0 degrees earlier on - and there is a lot of fog around. It has been very foggy indeed this morning, with poor visibility and not much to see of anything.

How about snow then? Perhaps some good news to bring this coming week with snow expected into mid-week. Just how much of course remains to be seen but hopefully we'll be seeing some winter-like white on the ground.

I'll update you early in the week with the latest.   Read more ...

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