Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 30th May 2021

Niseko Now!

Thursday 21st November 2013, 8:26am
Weather conditions: Cloud cover
New snowfall: 10cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Nature decided to give us a present overnight and this morning we are treated to 5-10cm of fresh snow down here at base. Not mad cold and still just above the zero mark earlier on and about +3 degrees right now, but it is of course fantastic to see that new cover of white this morning. Those bare spots I mentioned yesterday are now nicely filled in again, but of course we could always do with more.

It's still looking quite weak though in terms of snowfall expected and we're probably not going to get a whole lot more through into next week - with more rain than snow lined up. I'd be happy if the forecast was wrong and/or changed in that respect.

The planned resort opening dates remain as follows, with the first lifts planning to be operating the day after tomorrow.

Niseko Grand Hirafu - 23rd November
Hanazono - 23rd November
Niseko Annupuri - 23rd November
Niseko Village - 1st December

I will post another update tomorrow.
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Yuzawa Now!

Thursday 21st November 2013, 9:16am
Weather conditions: Cloud, blue sky
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Good morning from Yuzawa.

As you might have read on the Naeba Now report page, this Yuzawa Now report page will be taking on the Naeba and Kagura news this season. While we have always given mention to Kagura and Naeba on Yuzawa Now, we'll be giving those areas more coverage now. After all, they are in the same town.

Anyway, you want to know about the snow?!

Well, a sprinkling over at Naeba and some more snowfall up on the slopes of Kagura overnight but at the moment the sun is out over Yuzawa. We did and still do actually have cloud and rain forecast for the day, so perhaps it will quickly cloud over again and that is what we will get. For now though a nice morning in Yuzawa and no snow on the ground in town.

The snow season starts on Saturday though. That's for certain, as Kagura have announced it on their website. Saturday 23rd will be the first official day of the season in Yuzawa.

As things stand, there will be 1500m of the main Kagura run open. The Mitsumata Ropeway will take eager sliders up and the Kagura Gondola will take people to the base of the Kagura area. The initial plan is for the Kagura No1 quad and the Kagura No1 pair lift to be open on weekends and just the quad on weekdays. A shuttle bus is planned to be operating from Mitsumata to the Kagura Gondola. Expect this situation to change them get rid of the bus as soon as is possible. (There was even rumour of a possible 'no bus' right from the beginning last week, but I haven't heard any more of that since and perhaps the milder conditions have put a stop to that).

I also have news about Kandatsu Kogen to relay this morning. After the meeting in Yuzawa on Tuesday, it turns out that the Kandatsu Kogen resort will not be opening this season. It's quite big news in Yuzawa as you might expect as Kandatsu was one of the popular resorts, but unfortunately we're not going to be able to slide down the slopes there this time round. The company now in charge of the resort though seems to be confident looking forward to next (ie. 14/15) season and so I think there is probably a good chance that Kandatsu will be back next season. Please note that is a personal guess.

Daily reporting on Yuzawa Now from now on until the end of the season.

Hope you stick around.


Here are the planned resort opening dates for all of the skijo in Yuzawa:

November 23rd:
Kagura (Mitsumata)

December 7th:
Kagura (Tashiro)

December 14th:
Yuzawa Nakazato
Yuzawa Kogen
Nakazato Snow Wood

December 20th:
Yuzawa Park

December 21st:
GALA Yuzawa
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Nozawa Onsen Now!

Thursday 21st November 2013, 11:30am
Weather conditions: Cloud, some blue sky
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The forecast for today was cloud and perhaps rain/sleet but right now the sun is out and we have quite a bit of blue sky on show. The last of the autumn colours are looking very pretty as well this morning down by the village areas.

There was some fresh snowfall up top last night, but for the moment we are all bare down at base. Before we hit 1000m though there's a white blanket of snow covering the ground and it's looking nice and wintery.

The resort is still planning for an opening on Saturday 30th November. No major snowfalls on the current forecast into next week and it looks like we should have fine clear weather conditions over the weekend.   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Thursday 21st November 2013, 16:54pm
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 20cm
Snow depth: 40cm

Happo-one have announced that they will be opening (or 'pre-opening'!) tomorrow - the Gondola will be taking the first people up the mountain at 8:30am tomorrow morning with the Panorama pair lift and Kokusai Number 3 lifts also starting their season at 8:40am. Looks like it is special lift ticket price time - 2500 yen for adults and 1500 yen for children.

Hakuba Goryu are also opening tomorrow with the top Panorama course open, serviced by the Gondola and the Alps No1 pair lift. The Gondola will open at 8:30am. They are reporting an impressive 1m of snow up top there. It's 2400 yen for adults and 1250 yen for children. Hakuba 47 plans to have Line E lift open on Saturday and Sunday.

Looking like it will clear up tomorrow but hey, it's 'season in'!

Tsugaike Kogen is currently planning to open from Saturday.



After a milder spell of weather, this morning I bring good news from Hakuba with another layer of snow on the ground. There's around 20cm or so fallen by the roads in the valley.

It started snowing yesterday morning and by late morning the ski jump at Happo - which is where I happened to be - was all white. The snow eased up later in the day but Hakuba 47 was reporting 20cm of snow at the Gondola summit station and 30cm up at 1450m... they were calling it 'heavy' snow.

This morning they are talking of 40cm down at base

They are on standby to pretty much open as quickly as possible now. Hopefully very soon.

Back to the weather. The snow seems to be easing off now and the local forecast is for cloudy conditions today. Not that much snow lined up on the weekly forecast into next week as it stands at the moment, but we know how easily that can change.

Our reports from Hakuba will becoming very regular from now on (and soon daily) - nearly there!

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