Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 17th January 2021

Shiga Kogen Now!

Monday 19th May 2014, 8:35am
Weather conditions: Fine and sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Good morning from Shiga Kogen. It's a lovely morning here and it looks like we are set to have fine conditions for the most of the coming week, maybe some rain sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday.

OK, so it seems that the information I posted at the end of the week was not complete...

Yokoteyama did indeed have it's last day of the season yesterday. Including the Starbucks up there.

BUT the Shibutoge lift is going to continue on until Sunday 25th May, so one more week.

I often wonder why clear information is sometimes so hard to get from the Shiga Kogen guys. (And I don't mean in English - that's a whole seperate topic!) Perhaps it is because of so many different companies operating what we know as 'Shiga Kogen', but even so I am sure there must be a way to communicate information in a clearer way than exists now. I was pretty sure that the Shibutoge information was not available when I made my post last week, but at the same time accept that it might have been my oversight - in which case, I apologise. Whatever the case, Shibutoge remains open until 25th.

Anyway, I suppose it's good that we have another week to get in a last slide if we so wish. It's short. It's narrow. But it's still snow.

I will post another update before the weekend.   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Monday 19th May 2014, 8:40am
Weather conditions: Clear and sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Some lovely blue skies and equally lovely fluffy white clouds over Kagura yesterday, and lots of people on the slopes as well.


Still great cover of snow on those main Kagura runs with one more week to go.

At the time of writing it seems that the Mitsumata lift is still running and you're able to ski back down to the Ropeway as well. No need for a pesky shuttle bus yet. Can they keep that going until the weekend?

As you can see from the webcam image from the top of Ishiuchi Maruyama (below), snow from the valley - has all completely gone and right up to the top of that resort as well. We're truly into 'green' mode here now.

It is a beautiful morning here with fine clear blue skies and just a slight breeze. A high temperature of around 24 degrees is forecast for the day, with similar conditions expected tomorrow.


Here's the lifts that are operating at Kagura:

-Mitsumata Ropeway (open 8am on weekdays; 7:30am on Saturdays and holidays)
-Mitsumata Number 1 quad lift
-Mitsumata Number 3 romance lift
-Mitsumata Number 2 romance lift (open when very busy; closed on weekdays)

-Kagura Gondola
-Kagura Number 1 quad lift [*** on hold early on Saturday due to strong winds]
-Kagura Number 1 romance lift (closed on weekdays)


Courses open:

-Gondola course
-Kagura main course
-Technical course
-Giant course
-Kagura park

The Mitsumata area is now what they call a 'connecting area' back down to the Mitsumata Ropeway - so basically you can just use it at the end of your day to get back down to the Ropeway and base.


Until 25th May:
Kagura (the main Kagura area via Mitsumata Ropeway)


All other resorts in the region are closed for the season.


Official resort snow depths @ Saturday 17th May 2014, AM:
Kagura (Mitsumata):
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