Snow and weather reports posted on Saturday 30th May 2020

Naeba Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 7:34am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 280cm
Light rain this morning I'm afraid, even up here, but it's soon forecast to ease off and leave us with a clearer day. It's 2 degrees at the moment and we're destined to warm up to around 12 today.

Looking at the forecast and longing for a late March snow bonanza. Alas, not looking likely at the moment. Not in the coming 7 days anyway.

The good news is - all scheduled to be open today!


Official resort snow depth:
Naeba - 280cm
Kagura - 390cm   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 8:15am
Weather conditions: Blue skies
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 250cm
An early report today.

Yesterday, well it was a bit wet and windy really. It didn't get quite as warm as the previous day, rising to around 13 degrees and temps dipped to around +4 overnight.

This morning the clouds have moved on and we are left with lots of blue sky. Nice views looking over the mountains, a bit overcast looking back east.

It's a warm start to the day today. My thermometer says 8 degrees but I see Hakuba 47 are saying it's 10 degrees at base! Going to be another warm one, with the forecasts saying it'll get up to about 15 degrees.

With all this warm weather and then adding rain into the mix, you can imagine that it of course hasn't done the snow conditions any favours. Full on spring conditions now. There's even one or two places lower down on resorts with some patches of earth starting to show, so the snow is starting to get thin on the ground. Still plenty higher up of course.


Official snow depths and operations @ Tuesday 19th March 2013 AM:

Hakuba Goryu:
0cm of new snowfall reported by Hakuba Goryu
Official snow depths:
Alps daira - 250cm;
Toomi - 100cm;
Iimori - 80cm

Hakuba 47:
0cm of new snowfall reported by Hakuba 47 since yesterday.
Official snow depth:
Upper - 180cm
Lower - 85cm

Official snow depth:
Usagidaira - 220cm
Nakiyama/Shirakaba - 55cm
Sakka - 60cm

Tsugaike Kogen:
Official snow depth:
Upper slopes - 280cm
Lower slopes - 110cm

Hakuba Cortina:
0cm of new snow reported by Hakuba Cortina since yesterday.
Official snow depth:
Upper slopes - 305cm
Lower slopes - 170cm

Hakuba Iwatake:
Official snow depth:
Upper slopes - 165cm
Lower slopes - 60cm

Hakuba Sanosaka:
Official snow depth:
100cm   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 8:29am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 185cm
It did rain yesterday and unfortunately it has been raining early this morning as well, though it looks like it will ease off and leave us with a fine day, perhaps sunny. Not much of a wind as well this morning which is a contrast to the gusty conditions we had yesterday. Lots of cloud around and upper areas covered in cloud

Resorts that were affected by the wind yesterday are back open and operating as normal this morning.

Colder conditions possible around Thursday?

Official resort snow depths @ Tuesday 19th March 2013, AM:

Kandatsu Kogen:
NASPA Ski Garden:
Gala Yuzawa:
Yuzawa Kogen:
Yuzawa Nakazato:
Yuzawa Park:
Maiko Snow Resort:
Ishiuchi Maruyama:
Joetsu Kokusai:
210cm   Read more ...

Madarao Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 8:30am
Weather conditions: Clear
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 200cm
It was windy for pretty much all of yesterday and the resort did manage to open some lifts up, but never got fully going.

This morning it's time for a change and there's blue skies above Madarao. Some cloud nearby but more blue sky. Warm @ +6 degrees start so going to rise into double digits today easy.

Lifts planned to be operating:

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Super quad
Number 5
Number 11
Number 12
Number 15
Kids Park
FreeRide Park
Powder Wave I
Powder Wave II
Powder Theater
Adventure   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 8:42am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 490cm
And yes, rain happened. This morning it is raining lightly and it's a rather warm 5 degrees here in Hirafu village area.

As you might expect, no new snow to report.

Resorts on the mountain are reporting conditions varying from foggy to sleet and light snow up top this morning.

Poor visibility up top along with moderate to strong winds is preventing some lifts to operate this morning again. It's mostly top lifts and the gondolas at Niseko Annupuri and Niseko Village that are affected.

Wind has been mentioned a fair deal this season in these reports and one comment coming in to SnowJapan was whether that should be mentioned or not. My take on this - and that of SnowJapan - is that... of course it should! Lifts moving or not is a rather important piece of info. It may not be fun having to report things like that, but we're certainly not going to conveniently ignore it. If winds are an issue, we'll report it here. Of course, weather conditions can change at any time during a day and we highly recommend that people check with the resorts for all the latest updates during a day.

Anyway, snow conditions are generally rather hard, icy... and fast!


Official Resort Snow Depths

Grand Hirafu & Niseko Hanazono
Top - 490cm
Bottom - 230cm

Niseko Annupuri
Top - 400cm
Bottom - 250cm

Niseko Village
Top - 450cm
Bottom - 220cm

Avalanche Information:

Niseko base 6am: 3C, snow melt, light winds. Annupuri peak: -0.5C, above freezing to 800m overnight. Coastal data: wind W13m/s, 0.8m waves, pressure 997hPa.

Peak gates expected to open when fog lifts. However if westerly winds increase there is high possibility lift operation will be suspended. Please respect ski patrols decisions. Dont duck ropes, regardless of location. Once one person ducks a rope others will follow increasing the chances of an accident.

The mountain is changing to spring conditions, the risk of large avalanches is increasing in the valleys. These avalanches start at around 1100m elevation. They initially trigger deep within the snow pack as full depth avalanches, which in turn trigger surface avalanches which gain speed and power as they travel down the valley bottoms. This type of avalanche is the same as the avalanche several years ago that traveled right through the lower section of the Osawa creek(half pipe).

Avoid riding in the creek bottom. Be careful of cornices breaking off and falling into cracks. Ride and traverse one by one. Have a safe day.    Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 8:49am
Weather conditions: Clear
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 120cm
After that spring storm that we had yesterday, bringing with it rain as well as strong winds, things are much calmer this morning. It has dried up and we have nice clearer skies above the region. Not a deep blue, but more of a hazy lighter blue feel to the morning.

Actually when I said calm... there is still a bit of a wind, though nothing that should affect the resorts like yesterday.

It's still early, but extremely quiet this morning. Where are the people?!

We'll be posting news on planned lift operations for resorts around Shiga Kogen soon.

Nighta operations planned for tonight at the following resort area:
Ichinose Family

Official resort snow depths as of Tuesday 19th March 2013 AM:

Sun Valley:
Ichinose Family:
Ichinose Diamond:
Okushiga Kogen:
230cm   Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 9:04am
Weather conditions: Mostly sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 295cm
What a wild day it was yesterday!

Some of the strongest winds of the season forced closure of the entire top half of the mountain. Only the lower pistes remained open in slushy and very warm conditions.

Fortunately we didn't receive as much rainfall as was perhaps expected with the majority falling overnight in combination with slightly colder temperatures. However, there was no new snow to report overnight.

We have a better start to the day today. The sun is out, the strong winds have abated and the rain has moved on. Snow conditions will be slushy top to bottom from the outset today. Stick to the well groomed pistes for the fastest conditions as the off piste areas will be sticky from the rain. Again, it should be a good day for park skiing.

The amount of weekday skiers is remarkably low at the moment with the feeling you are at your own private resort when riding the pistes.

Looking at what's expected over the next week, we should see much improved riding from Wednesday, when a cold front expected. Snow is forecast out of this system continuing into Thursday but it's not clear how much we can expect from it. Friday should be clear but remain coolish.


Lifts operating:
All lifts operating except:
Yunomine pair
Mizunashi triple
Challenge pair
Utopia pair
Hikage No2 pair B line

Courses open:
All courses open except:
Grand Prix
Challenge 39
Kandahar East
Kandahar West

Official snow depths




80cm   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 9:10am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 190cm
Moderate rain fell yesterday and continued through the night. Temperatures did not freeze overnight and the village area is very wet with puddles and a lot of melt. It is currently raining lightly. Expect wet spring snow on the mountain this morning. Later today temperatures will fall below zero again and it will snow.   Read more ...

Myoko Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 12:05pm
Weather conditions: Sunny, some light clouds
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 210cm
The weather report predicted rain, but luckily that seems to have stayed in the northern part of Niigata Prefecture. We here in this little triangle tucked into Nagano (and a lot of people do think that Myoko is in Nagano) are enjoying a sunny, very spring day. VERY spring--out for a light ski hike this morning with the dog, and the conditions are like what we'd normally find in April. Looks like a really short hiking season; too bad, because it's a gret way to keep in shape (for both dog and man) between the end of daily skiing and summer activities.

We should have a couple more waves of cold and warm weather in the coming days, including the possibility of some snow. Not widely optimistic about one last big dump of powder, though--it does happen, but this might not be the year for it. But there's still snow out there, so enjoy the sun and skiing!


2:40pm update:

Just a quick update: it's gotten colder, and turned to soup outside. Heavy fog. Can't see a thing.


Operations and official snow depths

Akakura Kanko (Akakan)
210cm, 12C

Akakura Onsen
260cm, 3C

200cm, 5C

180cm, 9C

Seki Onsen
500cm, 00C (?? somebody's asleep on the Excel file...)

280cm, 8C

Myoko Ski Park
285cm, 9C

180cm, 6C

180cm, 6C   Read more ...

Minakami Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 15:16pm
Weather conditions: Sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 330cm
It has been another sunny spring day in Minakami today with a current temperature of 14C. The rivers are starting to flow as the snow is rapidly melting. It looks like no more snow on the forecast for the rest of March as the forecasts stand now. I think thoughts are turning to those rivers with most people...

Okutone and Norn are both trying to stay open until the end of March but it might be a struggle with the current weather.

Houdaigi will have no problems staying open until early April and Tenjin is still planning on a Golden Week close.   Read more ...

Zao Now!

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 16:10pm
Weather conditions: Cloud, fog
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 250cm
Apologies for the late report today.

It has been a cloudy day. Lots of fog around too making visibility on upper slopes pretty bad for the most part.

Better lower down and actually quite bright at the moment as evening approaches. Moderate winds today.

Chance of rain tomorrow. I am hoping we can avoid it.

Resort plans from now

The following lifts will run through until 24th March:

Onsen Number 3 Parallel A and B
Onsen Zao Kokutai Pair
Ryuzan Pair
Karamatsu Pair
Paradise Number 3 Pair
Kurihime Number 2 Quad (only on Friday, Saturday, 20th March)

The following lifts will run through until 31st March:

Onsen Number 4 Quad
Sunrise Pair AB
Nakamori Number 1 Triple
Nakamori Number 2 Pair
Diamond Number 1 Pair
Diamond Number 2 Pair
Oomori quad
Yokokura Number 2 Pair
Astraea Number 1 Pair
Astraea Number 2 Pair
Astraea Number 3 Pair

The following lifts plan to be open through until 6th May:

All the Ropeways
Chuo Number 1 Pair AB (every day)
Chuo Number 2 Pair AB (every day until 14th April, then 20th/21st April and 27th April until 6th May)
Katakai Triple (every day until 14th April, then 20th/21st April, 27th-29th April, 3rd-6th May)
Paradise Pair AB (every day until 14th April, then 20th/21st April and 27th April until 6th May)

The Yokokura Number 1 Pair AB will remain open as long as there's enough snow.

Official snow depths

Chuo Area



125cm   Read more ...

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