Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 28th May 2018

Myoko Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 8:53am
Weather conditions: Blue skies, unseasonably warm
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Our southern California weather continues today. It was over 25º in Takada (Joetsu) yesterday afternoon, which must surely be some sort of record for mid-March. At this rate, the cherry blossoms will be in full glory next week.

The temperature stayed well above freezing overnight with breezes still out of the southwest. Today's high was forecast to be 10º or so, but it's already 11º at Suginohara before 9 a.m. and at or above freezing everywhere else in the area. It's 13º at Pine Valley... Naturally, the slopes are a sloppy mess.

On the positive side, visibility is great, there's no wind, and local roads are dry.

Once again, no snow is forecast over the next week. A low pressure system moving through looks set to bring rain (not snow...) and lower temperatures from this evening through tomorrow. The temperature is set to rise again Saturday, but only to levels that are more normal for this season.

Looks like it might be a very quiet three-day weekend.

Official resort snow depths:

185cm (at top)
Akakura Onsen:
Seki Onsen:
250cm   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 9:42am
Weather conditions: Foggy and cloudy
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The warmth continues and last night temperatures remained well above freezing. A large region of low pressure just to our west is pulling up this mild air but as it passes through to our east later tonight the winds will swing around more to the north and temperatures will drop. Some rain is expected later before the cooler air arrives. The mild air is quite humid and there's plenty of fog and low lying cloud around the resort this morning.
For much of the rest of the outlook temperatures will be much cooler with snowfalls on and off throughout next week.

Current Official Snow Depths:

Grand Hirafu:
Top - 340cm
Bottom - 140cm

Niseko Village:
Top - 370cm
Bottom - 150cm

Top - 420cm
Bottom - 185cm
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Hakuba Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 9:43am
Weather conditions: Bluebird
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
After the last snowfall which blanketed the yellow Gobi Desert Kosa sand the only white on the Alps is where that heavy snow has slid revealing the whiter stuff below.

Riding at the moment definitely feels like driving with the brakes on...good learning conditions peraps as you can't go too fast.

Lots of hits all over the resort with nice soft Spring conditions, 4 degrees measured at the top of Goryu this morning and a current temperature of 12 degrees in the shade...break out the beers and bbq's it's that time of year already!

Official resort snow depths on 19th Mar 09:
20cm (Shirakaba)
35cm (Sakka/Kitaone)
175cm (Kurobishi/Usagidaira)
Hakuba Goryu:
65cm (Iimori)
90cm (Toomi)
220cm (Alps daira)
Hakuba 47:
Tsugaike Kogen:
110cm (Kanenonaruoka)
110cm (Maruyama)
265cm (Tsuganomori)
Hakuba Iwatake:
30cm (Shomen)
160cm (Sancho)
Sun Alpina Sanosaka:
Hakuba Minekata:
40cm   Read more ...

Naeba Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 10:57am
Weather conditions: sunny
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
So it was all about jumping out of bed this moring, blasting one of those sunshine songs (I can see clearly-Jimmy Cliff) and flinging the windows and doors open to hear the sound of the birds and the bugs as things pretend to be summer time up here in Naeba today.

I'm sitting outside on the deck in my shorts this morning - watching the park riders emerging from the park/jumps, flapping the snow out of the bottom of their spring riding wear (usually from doing a slight cheek spreader on the landings of the jumps) - you know the kind? where ones bottom meets snow all so (hopefully) briefly.

So I just looked at the temperature guage and its telling me 14C at 10:00am. So what else can I say? - It's sunny, warm, to be hot this afternoon and there is now wind.   Read more ...

Minakami Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 11:26am
Weather conditions: Clear blue skies
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The predicted warm weather has materialised with beautiful blue skies for the last two days and temperatures in the high teens. The snow in the resorts is holding up acceptably though is very spring-like at the moment.

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Nozawa Onsen Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 11:36am
Weather conditions: Sunny.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Another beautiful sunny morning in Nozawa. Visibility is great but temperatures are very warm. It is currently 9C on the mountain and in the village it is 12C. There is a 20km/h South-Westerly blowing.
The lower section while still mostly open is not in good condition. Karasawa is patchy and the lowest sections of skyline have closed.

The forecast is for today to remain warm. Rain should fall this evening changing to snow towards the summit in the early morning Friday. Saturday and Sunday are both looking warm. Saturday to be sunny and Sunday to rain with some high snow. Early next week the freezing level is expected to drop again. Monday night and Tuesday we are expecting at least 14cm high on the mountain.

Currently closed courses are Kandahar, Challenge 39, Kurokura, Hachiman and the bottom of Schneider.

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Furano Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 14:05pm
Weather conditions: Clear morning, overcast partially clearing, overall very enjoyable spring skiing conditions.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
No rain as the predicted storm seems to have missed us completely. This morning was beautiful with base temps reaching +8. Looks like the tail end of the storm will catch up to us though, with clouds moving in and threatening a shower.

Temps continue to drop, with rain expected to turn into sleet, and hopefuly snow overnight. We are still on track for minus temps all holiday weekend. Stay tuned!

Think snow, think powder, think a little more winter!   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 17:49pm
Weather conditions: Fine weather
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Wow today sure was warm. The thermometer almost reached 20 degrees earlier this afternoon and it was a big contract to the cold snowy weather we had just last week. That was great while it lasted but that snow has pretty much all gone now and the last few days has seen the snow noticeably retreat up the mountainsides and more patches appearing on the lower slopes in particular. Those official snow depths posted by the resorts are looking more and more 'optimistic' now - for example even though Nunoba is only reporting 50cm of snow, there are significant patches of ground there and limited areas where you can ski. I can't see places like that being able to open much longer.

Some places are being a bit coy regarding closing dates this season. NASPA and Iwappara are both going to try and remain open until Sunday 5th April, while Gala Yuzawa, Naeba and Kagura have not made any announcements of any change in their plans.... whether they can actually stretch out the season until May remains to be seen.

We'll be keeping an eye on that info and letting you know.

Tomorrow is a national holiday, but unfortunately it is looking like it will be raining in the morning (perhaps snow higher up if temps drop enough) and certainly not as warm as today.

Official resort snow depths @ 19th Mar 09, AM:
Mt Naeba:
Kagura Tashiro:
Kagura Mitsumata:
GALA Yuzawa:
Pine Ridge Resorts Kandatsu:
NASPA Ski Garden:
Yuzawa Kogen:
Yuzawa Park:
Yuzawa Nakazato:
Kayama Captain Coast:
100cm   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Thursday 19th March 2009, 19:44pm
Weather conditions: Fine & warm
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It ended up being a warm day yesterday and it was an even warmer one today with temperatures reaching double figures for a period this afternoon. This is spring skiing/snowboarding!

Things likely to cool down again overnight and we might even expect to see some snow tomorrow morning....

The following resort plans to be open for nighta tonight:
Ichinose Family

Official resort snow depths as of 19th March 09:

Sun Valley:
Ichinose Family:
Okushiga Kogen:
180cm   Read more ...

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