Snow and weather reports posted on Thursday 22nd November 2018

Yuzawa Now!

Friday 18th May 2018, 11:12am
Weather conditions: Clearer earlier on, clouding over
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
Good morning from Yuzawa.

Yesterday and the day before were both pretty hot - it was almost 30C in Yuzawa on Wednesday!

And it's rather warm today too with temps up to about 27 (and possibly the rest) with something of humid feel out there.

Still, rain is due from sometime this afternoon and overnight tonight, possibly very heavy at times.

A dramatic cool-down is due tomorrow too... perhaps even down to around 10C in town during the day and even lower still later on. It looks like there's even the chance of some snow falling very high up (!), according to some forecasts.

So the weather is all over the place at the moment and something of a roller coaster ride.


The 1500m main course at the Kagura ski resort remains open for this weekend. There's more ground appearing in places but still fairly decent snow on there, though rather 'dirty looking'. (See the image below from yesterday and courtesy of Kagura).

You need to get Mitsumata Ropeway, the Mitsumata quad and then the Kagura Gondola to get over to the main Kagura area. Once there, the Kagura Number 1 high speed lift and the Kagura Number 1 Romance lift plan to be operating and servicing the open course.

On the way back at the end of the day, you need to get the Kagura Gondola and then the Mitsumata Number 2 Romance lift. And then either take the Mitsumata quad back down to the Ropeway or slide down the artificial 'snow mats'.

If you want to avoid using the snow mats, there's some walking involved - a total of about 900m on the way over to Kagura and about 400m on the way back to Mitsumata Ropeway.

Mitsumata Ropeway plans to open at 7:30am on both Saturday and Sunday and operations will likely be back to how they are today on weekdays from Monday.


Kagura is still hoping to be able to remain open until Sunday 27th May.


We next plan to update this report again on Tuesday (22nd May).

We will re-post the season summary and message in the final report. In the meantime if you wish to read that, please see the previous report.   Read more ...

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