Snow and weather reports posted on Saturday 30th May 2020

Naeba Now!

Friday 10th May 2013, 8:34am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Some strong winds this week have played about with the Kagura Number 1 lift unfortunately but today seems calmer.

Temperatures have been increasing, but we have also been having cold nights and so the snow is keeping good still... there's still enough up at the Mitsumata area.

Unfortunately there's a good chance of rain tomorrow, clearing up by Sunday which should be clearer. Weather wise, Sunday looks like a good pick of the weekend.

At this point in the season Kagura is quite busy weekdays as well, and we can expect crowds on the weekends. Arrive early is my top tip!   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Friday 10th May 2013, 8:50am
Weather conditions: Cloudy, overcast
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 100cm
Temperatures have been rising and we have been having fine weather this week. It was over 25 degrees yesterday with temperatures getting cold overnight on Thursday morning (freezing cold), but quickly heating up in the daytime - a difference of about 25 degrees! It wasn't as cold last night, dipping to about 6 degrees, but today will once again warm up to over 25 degrees in Hakuba here in the valley.

It is a cloudy and hazy start to the morning but the forecast is telling us to perhaps expect some sun.

OK so what about the weekend then?

Hakuba Goryu still seem to be planning on opening tomorrow and Sunday for that last slide of the season. If we find out anything different by the end of today, will update this report. So the Gondola and Alps Number 1 lift are planning to be operating at Goryu from 8:15am, with the Panorama Course being the one that you slide down. 2000 yen for adults and 600 yen for children. Still seems to be good cover up there as of a few days ago.

Weather wise, unfortunately tomorrow the forecast is for rain showers with clearer conditions and perhaps sunny on Sunday.

Have a good weekend, I'll be back with my last post of the season early next week.   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Friday 10th May 2013, 9:05am
Weather conditions: Cloud, fine
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far and more like the kind of temperatures we expect in early May. It was up to around 26 degrees in Yuzawa, at town level, and we are likely to see temps rising to about 25 today as well. It stayed fairly mild overnight, unlike the previous night when it was much colder, so there have been some big swings in the temperatures over the last few days.

Tomorrow the forecast is for cooler weather - and rain too. Clearer on Sunday.

The Mitsumata area of Kagura remains skiable for the weekend so no need for any kind of shuttle bus up there yet.

It will be a busy weekend at Kagura. If you plan to make your way up there, an early start is recommended!   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Friday 10th May 2013, 9:15am
Weather conditions: Cloud, sun
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 120cm
Good news for the die hard ski and snowboarders out there who haven't put their equipment into hibernation for summer.

Due to superb snow conditions this season Furano Ski Area is still planning to be open this Saturday and Sunday to give you the opportunity for one last ski for the season. There's a chance of rain later in the day tomorrow according to the forecast.

Hope to see you out there.   Read more ...

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