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About the daily snow & weather reports on


> The 'observed snowfall' number in our reports is the amount of snowfall observed first-hand at base
> The number does not necessarily reflect the amount of snowfall at mid or top of the mountain
> As you might expect, there is often more snow at higher elevations than at base
> That difference is more pronounced in some regions than it is in others
> Wherever possible/available, snowfall higher on the mountain is mentioned within the reports
> Such information is a mix of first-hand observations and information reported by ski resorts
> Our reports are 100% independent. They are not official ski resort reports
> Ski resorts, or any other businesses, have no influence on the content of our reports
> We are not in the business of promoting or unfairly depicting any region
> We do not recommend comparing data from the different regional reports
> Numbers/statistics are interesting, but please read the reports for the bigger picture!


And now, for a more detailed explanation!

Our 'Now' daily reports are written by people who are based in the areas covered and they are provided exclusively for SnowJapan. The people who file the reports do their best to provide the most in-depth and honest reports every day throughout the Japan snow season.

Information is gathered locally by the reporters and is based on personal observations, as well as some information from local ski resorts and forecasts. We try to provide an ongoing commentary of the season, but it is perhaps best that each report be considered as a reliable 'snapshot' of conditions when the reports are posted. As we all know, weather conditions in the mountains can change very quickly, so while it may be snowing heavily when a report is posted, it might have cleared up soon after. This happens.

And of course, please always remember that the good people writing the reports are human!

It is very important to us that readers understand that the SnowJapan Now report commentaries are not funded by - and are not posted by - ski resorts or businesses selling the regions. Our goal is to provide SnowJapan readers with unbiased, truthful and independent accounts of the weather and snow conditions in the popular winter sports regions of Japan.

We are not here to sell a particular region or indeed any other service, and we are very much against the idea of hyping a region, using marketing-speak and misleading people in any way. This means that if conditions are bad, then the reports will say that. Some businesses at times take issue with our honesty and we were even pressured by some to mislead or ignore any uncomfortable truths. Any such pressures do not alter how we do things - if anything they strengthen our resolve.

We do not claim that our reports are perfect or complete. Those things will never be achievable but we do our best to bring you good information each day, with what we believe are the very best of intentions.

While we are confident of the quality and the integrity of our reports, SnowJapan and the individuals posting the reports take no responsibility for any decisions that readers may take based on what is written in the reports. We hope that you use and enjoy our reports, but then make your own decisions. Our advice is to always take great care when you are in the winter mountains and know that conditions are ever changing in these environments.


A few of the common questions answered

What is the 'observed new snowfall' number?
This very important number on each report is the amount of snowfall that has fallen since the previous report - at town/base level and as observed by our trusted reporter. It is not the amount of snow that has fallen on the upper areas of the mountains. As you might expect, usually more snow will fall higher up than at base. Unfortunately, our reporters do not live on the top of the mountains and so the reports are coming from the base areas. While it may be interesting to compare the numbers for each of the different Now reports, please keep in mind that each region has a different base elevation and also a varying vertical (top-bottom). Our reporters will give mention to reported snowfall on the mountain if and where possible. Please read the full reports.

'I disagree with the observed new snowfall number posted in a SnowJapan report!'
Different people in just slightly different locations may well say different numbers. That is unavoidable as this is not an exact science. And of course some people may be more inclined to 'over-report' numbers than others... The numbers that are posted in the reports on SnowJapan are all measured and reported from exactly the same place for each report. Honesty and consistency is the bottom line, and so there is no exaggerating or over-reporting. All things considered we are confident that our reports represent the situation rather well.

What is the 'Snowfall Analysis' page?
The 'Snowfall Analysis' page was introduced for the 2016-2017 season. The charts on this page are based on the 'observed new snowfall' data that is published in each reports. Be sure to take a look and play around with the different charts and graphs - there's lots of fun stuff to do and discover. The link to the new 'Snowfall Analysis' page can be found at the top of each of the main Now reports.

A report is missing!
Whilst every effort is made to provide these reports every day during the winter season, there may be some occasions when reports are late, delayed or interrupted for some reason. You can be sure that in such cases we'll be doing what we can to get them back to normal as quickly as possible.

Who writes the reports?

We do not share the names of the people who post our reports, for a number of reasons - including the fact that many of them prefer to remain anonymous. You can be sure, however, that the individuals who are writing the reports on SnowJapan are trusted by us to write the kind of honest reports that we require. If you wish to send on comments to any of our reporters, please contact us and we will send them on.

Why do you not publish reports for (insert resort name)?
We are always keen to consider new daily reports. However, we will only publish a Now report section when we are confident that we can do so consistently and throughout the season - and to a certain quality. It is not easy posting quality reports every day throughout a season, and it is a big commitment from both us and the reporters. If you have any suggestions, we are keen to hear them.

What are the official snow depth numbers shown on the right hand side of the page?
The original source of the official snow depth data that is displayed on the resort listings of SnowJapan (during the main snow season) is the ski resorts themselves. The snow depth data associated with each resort is updated once each day from around mid-December until March. Please note that SnowJapan does not not have any direct control over the official snow depth numbers displayed. You will find that the data displayed is for the most part accurate and up-to-date, and we hope that it is of great assistance to all our readers during the winter. However, there may be some occasions when a resort does not update the snow depth data daily. This means that even though our database has been updated at the time that is stated on the pages, the data for a particular resort may not have been updated in that update. Those instances are beyond our control as we rely on the resorts themselves to update the data - but we stress that in general these kind of delayed updates are isolated cases.

What are the other ski resorts in the nearby region?
These are ski and snowboard resorts that in the nearby region and they are listed alphabetically.

What are the hotels/accommodations shown on the right hand side of the page?
On some resort pages, links to hotels and other accommodation will appear on the right hand side of the page. These are accommodations that are featured on the Places to Stay section of SnowJapan and within (generally) 25km of the resort being viewed. If you know an accommodation that would like to be featured within SnowJapan, please contact us.

Lessons in English & other services
On some resort pages, links to information on Lessons in English and other services will appear on the right hand side of the page. These are ski and snowboard schools and other services that are listed within SnowJapan. If you know a ski school or other service that would like to be featured on SnowJapan, please contact us.

Linking to SnowJapan pages
If you would like to put a link to any of the pages of SnowJapan on your website or blog, please go ahead. If you quote us please do add a credit and link. Thank you very much.

As much as we dislike disclaimers... while we are confident in the accuracy of the information on SnowJapan, we do not take any responsibility for any decisions that readers make based on information published on the website. Please enjoy using our website knowing how much care we put into it, but if you are making any big decisions... check up on things. And again, if you find any information that you believe to be mistaken, we very much want to know about it - so please contact us.

And always take care out there in the mountains.