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ARCHIVE REPORT: Posted at 10:31am on Sunday 6th May 2012
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Archive report: Posted at 10:31am on Sunday 6th May 2012
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Good morning from Nozawa.

And today is of course the last day of the Golden Week holidays and more importantly the last day of the 2011/2012 season. A few people have asked us about any possible extension to the season like we saw last year - if you remember Nozawa was open until Sunday 15th May last year - but that isn't happening. Today is the last day with the Skyline pair being the last one to close at a planned 4:20pm. I think I might get up there just to be on that last lift.

What a season it has been in Nozawa. We didn't have the non-snow-related drama of last season, which is a good thing obviously; but we did have lots of snow-related drama and that was most definitely a good thing! Take a look back at the Nozawa Now archives here and remind yourselves of the tons of snow that got dumped on Nozawa for so many days this last season. 'Epic' might at times be an overused word, but it was hard to not use it many days this season. It has been great to see the snow last so long as well.

We have heard from a few people who decided not to visit Japan this snow season and have regretted it after hearing about the snow this year. There's always next year, and Nozawa is one of those places that historically gets the snow. Let's hope that 2012/2013 brings as many great days as this season has seen.

From now we have a hot summer to look forward to (or not depending on how you feel about hot and humid temperatures!) Nozawa always has those upper slopes though to escape to in times of heat. While still getting hot in summer, I would say that Nozawa sure is a better place to be than a city in those conditions.

Nozawa usually has the Gondola operating and a few leisure activities on the mountain for the summer period - I'll post more on that to this page when I get the information for this season.

I hope that you were able to get to Nozawa this season and enjoy the snow. And I hope that you have found our Nozawa Now daily reports to be useful and interesting to read. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or comments about our reports this season - it is always good to hear feedback and it helps us try to improve our service.

The Nozawa Now snow and weather reports will be back once we get to the other side of summer and temperatures start to drop.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and enjoy the summer!

Archive report: Posted at 10:31am on Sunday 6th May 2012
The latest Nozawa Onsen Now report can be found here

Nozawa Onsen Now ski lift operation notes:

May 6th - last day of 11/12 season. The 12/13 season should start sometime around the beginning of December 2012.

Thursday 3rd May 2012
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Monday 17th September 2012
As the hot summer approaches - a few thoughts and an update on what we are up to at the moment

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