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ARCHIVE REPORT: Posted at 7:32am on Monday 30th January 2012
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Archive report: Posted at 7:32am on Monday 30th January 2012
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No new snowfall to report this morning other than a light dusting. A high pressure system is now over us meaning we should be seeing a bit more stable weather today. It's expected to be cloudy mixed with sun and blue skies with just flurries for snow today. Today is an excellent, rare opportunity to get out and explore the mountains around. There's endless fresh lines out there, but they require some work beyond riding a chairlift.

I've heard rumors of a big storm approaching this week, however, it doesn't look like the buildup is there. Not to say that it won't happen or it won't snow, of course, but it doesn't look like it has the potential to snow massive amounts. In all truth, we only need a little bit of snow to fill the tracks on the resort then go back to skiing fresh deep pow! It hasn't gone above 0 yet, so the snow will remain good.

It's also a good day to explore the resort if you do not have any backcountry gear, knowledge, or desire. The clearness will help bring to light where everything is. These are the days you want to find spots to head directly to on a storm before they get tracked out. Best of luck and keep on the powder search!

Current Official Snow Depths:

Grand Hirafu / Hanazono:
Top - 375cm
Bottom - 205cm

Niseko Village:
Top - 380cm
Bottom - 230cm

Top - 380cm
Bottom - 220cm

Niseko Avalanche Report:

Niseko base 5am: -10℃, a light dusting of snow in the last 12 hours,
Coastal data: WNW9m/s at Benkei cape, 1.2m waves 1015hPa at Kamui cape. Annapuri Peak NW10.3m/s temp -15.8℃
Snow Transition: There has been 5cm of snow crystals following the passing of the low pressure system in the last 12 hours. At elevations above 800m there has been some snowdrift development.
Snow Pit Data: The prominent layer in the snowpack at the moment is is the Jan 22 layer at 100-150cm which is easily observed. The snow below 28 Jan is rounding and stabilsing, a significant layer is expected to form in the future snowpack from 29 Jan layer.
Risk Assessment: With the current snowfall trends the general avalanche risk is reducing.
Caution: There is always risks travelling in the mountains, the risk of avalanches, ski and snowboard falls, falling into cracks and crashing into trees. Please remember these dangers. Do not look for fresh lines in Haru no Taki J4 and Yu no Sawa G3. Riding in these restricted areas is strictly prohibited by the Niseko Rules. Do not duck ropes, your pass will be taken.
Gates: All gates are expected to open at 9.30. Please re-check the avalanche report before leaving the gates. Beware of frostbite and a sudden change in the weather.


Evening update:

If you didn't get out and get the snow today you really missed out! There were a lot of people out and about around Niseko. I saw the backside facing Goshiki get almost entirely tracked out. The amount of people doing backcountry was immense! Luckily, we got to take full advantage in the morning just before people started coming out of the woodwork. If you missed today, it looks like we should still get some more snow in the next couple days. The sun was out pretty heavy and definitely fried any of the lower/mid-elevation snow. It will get cold tonight and freeze over creating a hard layer. We will definitely need some more snow for cushioning in the next few days.

Please keep in mind with new snow on top of this layer, it could create some hazards in the backcountry. Stay safe and stay skiing powder!

Archive report: Posted at 7:32am on Monday 30th January 2012
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Niseko Now ski lift operation notes:

All lifts should be operating on time.

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