Niseko Now daily snow and weather - Friday 9th January 2015

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ARCHIVE REPORT: Posted at 8:25am on Friday 9th January 2015
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Friday 9th January 2015, 8:25am
Thursday 8th January 2015, 8:32am 20cm
Wednesday 7th January 2015, 8:50am 15cm
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Monday 5th January 2015, 8:40am 3cm
Sunday 4th January 2015, 8:46am 15cm
Saturday 3rd January 2015, 9:01am 10cm
Last 7 reports (total): 66cm
Last 14 reports (total): 171cm
Current month (January 2015) total: 106cm
2014/2015 season so far total: 655cm

Archive report: Posted at 8:25am on Friday 9th January 2015
The latest Niseko Now report can be found here

Good morning from Niseko and before I get to the report can I please first guide you to lower down on this page for a personal message from myself. Please do give it a read.

There's just a few cm of fresh outside my place this morning, though as you can see on the Avalanche Report the resort areas are coming back with larger amounts of fresh out there. The forecast is for continued light snowfall from time to time through the day today and yes, well, snow clouds still likely to be closeby through into early next week.

Happily there is less wind now and it doesn't feel as cold this morning.

Resorts look set to be opening as normal from the get go this morning. That's the message coming in as I am writing this anyway.

Look at all those folk lining up for the Ace Number 2 Center Four lift to open (image below). Go on, give us a wave! (I'm only jealous).

There are early morning special lift openings this weekend at Niseko Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village and Niseko Annupuri - details of which I have put in the area below for each resort. Each of them starts at a different time and have different extra charges for the privilege. I think they call this a 'premium service'. Anyway, it's there if you want to take advantage of it. Let's choosing.


Resort specific news at time of writing - subject to change during the day

Niseko Grand Hirafu:
Looks set to be open as normal this morning.
'Early Morning' lift available from 10th January to 1st February (for 500 yen, you can ride Ace Quad Number 2 lift from 8:00am until 8:20am).

Niseko Hanazono:
Looks set to be open as normal this morning.

Niseko Village:
Looks set to be open as normal this morning.
Early morning Gondola on 11th, 12th and 13th January (for 1030 yen, you can ride the Gondola from 7:30am-8:30am)

Niseko Annupuri:
Looks set to be open as normal this morning.
'Annupuri First Run' available on 11th and 12th January (for 1000 yen, you can ride the Gondola from 7:20-8:20am).


Niseko Avalanche Report

Niseko base 6am: -3C, 15cm snowfall in 12 hours. Moiwa 600m: W10m/s, moderate development of snowdrifts. Annupuri 1150m: NW12m/s, -6C, 20cm snowfall. Hirafu 1000m: -8C, 20cm snowfall, snowy and windy with development of snowdrifts. Coastal data: Benkei cape NNE11m/s, Kamui cape NNE7m/s, 1007hPa, 3.2m waves.

The wind is stagnating around 12m/s northerly and continually making the snowdrifts develop. These newly formed snowdrifts in the last 48 hours are starting to stabilize, however the avalanche risk around 1000m Osawa (annupuri bowl) cornice slopes, Kozan no Sawa (Backbowl) sidewalls and Higashi-One cornice slopes remains high today. A slide triggered from a thick snowdrift area would lead to a larger avalanche running fast and a long distance. Caution is required in open steep slopes and gullies. Accidents can be avoided by being prudent. Gates 2, 3 & 4 will be closed all day. Do not duck ropes to access the out of bounds areas. Strictly off-limits areas of Haru no Taki and Yu no Sawa must be left untouched. The snow in the tree is fast and in good condition. Beware of hitting trees. Moiwa gates 6 & 10 will be closed due to chair-lift maintenance. Have a nice day.


Official snow depth numbers:

Grand Hirafu / Hanazono:
Top - 310cm
Base - 140cm

Niseko Village:
Top - 240cm
Base - 160cm

Niseko Annupuri:
Top - 225cm
Base - 160cm


Please take a few minutes to read this!

SnowJapan of course yesterday announced their wonderful ‘Niseko Day Tour’ prize, and as you might expect there has been a considerable response with a large number of entries so far and probably many more to come.

If you missed that, you can find the info and how to enter here

The folk who keep SnowJapan running – they do that from down in Minamiuonuma in Niigata Prefecture - last night shared with me some of the comments that people have sent in with their entries so far. (Don’t worry, just bare comments with no names or emails).

That has prompted me to want to say a few things. I hope that you will read on as I would like to give some of my own feedback to everyone.

The SnowJapan guys totally do not know that I’m planning on writing any of this today in the report, so I hope they are ok with it.

First of all, a very big thank you for so many kind comments that have been sent in. It’s clear that the Niseko Now reports – and the other daily reports on SnowJapan - mean a great deal to quite a lot of people. I have of course before seen basic statistics and know that the reports are read by many people every day, and when people send comments to SnowJapan they are passed on to me, but it isn’t regular feedback like this. A lot of effort goes into putting all these reports together day in and day out, so it’s really great to get to read lots of feedback and know what people are thinking.

Reading them, and so many of them... it’s a bit overwhelming actually.

So, thank you to those people taking the time.

Some people in the comments mentioned that they really appreciate the reports and website in general and asked what they can do in turn help support SnowJapan. To that I say this.

I think that some people probably mistakenly think that SnowJapan is some kind of travel agency, a tour company or similar.

It isn’t. And they certainly don’t want to be!

It’s an independent website covering all of Japan. They’re not asking you to buy anything and have nothing to sell to you. This puts SnowJapan in a rather unique position to be able to tell the world about Japan winter sports without worrying about having to also ask you to ‘Book Now’ or ‘Buy Now’. Or should I say ‘BOOK NOW!!!!!’. They don’t go about telling you which place has the Best or Deepest Powder in Japan*. And therefore the world**. And they certainly won’t tell you that snow conditions are close on perfect…. when it’s raining.

So back to the question that has been asked - how can you help support SnowJapan? Well, here’s some very simple things that anyone can do:

- keep on reading!
- tell other people about SnowJapan
- link to SnowJapan from other websites or blogs etc

Just letting more people know all helps. You can also share your experiences and help others by uploading photos and writing reviews of ski resorts. If you have used those sections on SnowJapan to research Japan yourself, perhaps you can give something back by posting your own. Remember you don’t need to have received freebies from the guys to do those things.

As someone who uses and loves the site myself outside of my Niseko Now duties, I want to encourage people to appreciate and support it and just generally realize what a shining gem it really is.

That’s the end of my essay. Don’t worry, it won’t be a regular feature.

And, sorry SnowJapan guys for hijacking the report - good intentions!


* Obviously, we already know that!
** We know that too!!



Archive report: Posted at 8:25am on Friday 9th January 2015
The latest Niseko Now report can be found here

Niseko Now ski lift operation notes:

All resort areas are open

Thursday 8th January 2015
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