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ARCHIVE REPORT: Posted at 8:49am on Friday 5th January 2018
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Friday 5th January 2018, 8:49am
Thursday 4th January 2018, 7:45am 30cm
Wednesday 3rd January 2018, 7:40am 53cm
Tuesday 2nd January 2018, 7:47am 21cm
Monday 1st January 2018, 14:01pm 2cm
Sunday 31st December 2017, 7:22am 2cm
Saturday 30th December 2017, 7:31am 23cm
Last 7 reports (total): 151cm
Last 14 reports (total): 321cm
Current month (January 2018) total: 126cm
2017/2018 season so far total: 572cm

Archive report: Posted at 8:49am on Friday 5th January 2018
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Good morning from Naeba! The skies are finally clearing and I can see across the valley for the first time in 2018! It's a cool, crisp morning here, but the sun is out and is rapidly warming up the valley. The pistes have been well-groomed last night after the snow stopped falling, so there is abundant corduroy for everyone. The lack of wind will also be a real treat to those of you that can get up on the mountain today.

We crossed an important milestone yesterday, with the cumulative snowfall so far this season surpassing the total snowfall of the season of 2015/16! It's a good start but let us not get complacent yet.

It's important to note that the Dragondola will be opening at 1200 today, as they need to dig one of the towers out of the snow!

The forecast suggests we should expect varied weather conditions today, with some sun mixed with cloud, and potentially even a small amount of snowfall up top this afternoon. Tomorrow it will likely be somewhat overcast, with the wind picking up slightly, bringing with it further small snow flurries. Into early next week, temperatures are likely to rise again, followed by the next storm system that will be travelling through the valley on Tuesday.



Your questions answered!
Why don’t your daily reports appear earlier?

* Please note: this is a re-worked and updated version of a message that was posted during last season.

To answer this question properly, it is important that everyone understands that SnowJapan is not a ski resort operator. Our daily reports are not official ski resort reports. We are an independent website. Our daily reports are not commissioned by anyone and no business influences the content of our reports. (In fact, some businesses do not like our reports - especially when it is raining, and we say so - but that’s a different story). Data within the report does not get updated automatically - we do a lot of manual checking ourselves every morning.

If we did own and operate a ski resort, we would make it a high priority to post snow reports as early as possible each morning. We would report how much new snow has fallen on the upper slopes and base, weather conditions, lift operations and snow depth. We would also have multiple and meaningful webcams pointing out to locations around the resort. And we’d make sure that those webcams were backed up with adequate bandwidth to keep them working properly. We think it is probably reasonable to think that ski resorts might ideally be doing the above things for their customers.

But... as I said, we do not own or operate a ski resort.

The fact is, a fair number of Japanese ski resorts only post their morning information updates after 8am - and in some cases, it is actually (much) later than that.

Our daily reports are generally a mix of observed snowfall data, observed weather conditions, personal comments about what is going on - as well as information/data that has been manually checked from official ski resort sources. This is all in the interest of creating interesting and as-detailed-as-possible reports.

If we posted our daily reports much earlier than we currently do (for example at 7am as someone suggested) reports would be missing what we consider to be important information. For example, we would often not be able to include things like how much fresh snow the ski resorts are reporting, or news of any ski lift disruption at the start of the day. Things like that.

Rather than simply being a very early morning report mainly for the benefit of people who are going to be queuing for the first ski lift of the day, we like to think of the SnowJapan daily reports more as a season-long ongoing commentary,

The reality is of course that people who are lucky enough to already be at a ski resort and preparing to hit the first lifts of the day can get a good idea of weather conditions by taking a look outside the window when they get up, asking accommodation staff and/or checking out official resort sites etc.

If we posted our daily reports mostly for the benefit of those first lift people - who very likely only account for a very small percentage of the total number of people reading the reports - they would not be as good or detailed as they are.

So, bottom line, we strongly feel that our way of doing things makes for better all-round reports.

One more very important thing.

There’s also the people who write the reports and their circumstances to consider. There is of course human effort involved in creating the reports. In particular the reports that cover wider areas - for example Niseko, Hakuba, Yuzawa - take quite a bit of time to put together every morning. Checking information, updating data, writing the report, checking…

The people who are doing this are not ski resort employees doing this as part of their job.

They probably need some coffee before posting. (Toast in some cases).

They may need to dig themselves out of their home if it is snowing heavily.

And they may need to see to any number of circumstances that life throws at them on any given morning.

So please keep all that in mind.

We aim to get the reports online as early as we can on every morning throughout the winter season. But there may be times when the perfect plan is not possible.


There are many people new to SnowJapan using the site again this season and we are experiencing some very heavy traffic. People from all over the world are using the site. That is of course a really great thing and we warmly welcome everyone who is new to SnowJapan; as well as old friends. Thanks for visiting!

We are aware that we do some things in our own unique way, and we kind of like that. You’ll probably get used to it if you stick around.

If you wish to send us any comments, you can do so here. But please be aware that we are not able to answer specific questions about ski resorts, travel, accommodation and the like. That would be a full time job in itself!

Thank you for reading and all the best for the New Year.

Archive report: Posted at 8:49am on Friday 5th January 2018
The latest Naeba Now report can be found here

Naeba Now ski lift operation notes:

Dragondola (1200-1530)(Final Ascent 1500)
Beginner lift No. 4 (0800-2030)
High-Speed Lift No. 3 (0800-1700)
High-Speed Lift No.4 (0900-1630)
High-Speed Lift No. 5 (0830-2030)
Prince Gondola No. 2 (0830-1600)(Final Ascent 1600)
Prince Gondola No. 1 (0900-1530)
Takenokodaira Pair Lift (0845-1545)
Takenokoyama Pair Lift (0930-1530)
Hiuchi Pair Lift (0900-1600)

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2020/2021 season - - - - - - - -
2019/2020 season - - - - - - - -
2018/2019 season - - - - - - - -
2017/2018 season - 46cm
- - - -
2016/2017 season - 17cm
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2014/2015 season - - - 10cm
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