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ARCHIVE REPORT: Posted at 2:25pm on Friday 25th November 2005
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Archive report: Posted at 2:25pm on Friday 25th November 2005
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We have had a slight rise in the average daily temperature and only traces of new snow since the weekend. But the peaks are still cool and shrouded in cloud. On Wednesday the 23rd the Hakuba ski/bourd comunity and resorts came out to the Hakuba Ski Jumps to pray for snow and a safe winter season ahaed. There were close to 1000 people out for the event as paragliders (one carrying Santa making an early apearance) landed in the stadium.

During the cerimonies there was a short flury of wet snow in the valley and snow up on the hill. It would seem that the snow gods were pleased and should be bringing us more of the precious white gold again soon.

On a more sobering note.

There was an avalanche associated death on Wednesday the 23rd in the Tateyama area. A group of six lost one member in a cornice failure that caused a slide. The buried member was located by avalanche tranciever and dug out in 20 minutes. He was unconcious and not breathing at the time of recovery and was later prononced dead. The visibility was poor and it is believed that the party did not know that they were on or close to the cornice.

I do not have information as to why the cornice failed but it was most likely added weight from the group or member. Winds have been moderate to strong in the mountains for over the past week. While in Tateyama last week I observed some faily large conices considering it is still early season. I also observed many people heading into very poor visibility with multiple members in close packs with little idea of who or what was above them. It is very important that you know the terrain that you are in and have some idea of the snow pack befor venturing in to steep terain.

There will be many more people heading into Tateyama again this weekend and it is advised as always to KNOW before you go:

WHAT are the weather conditions going to be like. (Check a Forcast for the area that you will be going to)
WHERE exactly you are going. Have you or others in your party been there before? Do you have a map, compass, GPS and know how to use them? Have you told anyone where you are going?
WHEN will you be back and what is your time frame for your tour?
WHO is in your group? Are your members trained, experienced, risk takers or safety concious? Is everyone at the same level or are you a mixed bag of experiences? Plan routes for the weakest member of your group.
HOW will you manage in the event of an accident, do you have the tools needed for rescue and do you have the training and practice to use these?

Use your brain and common sense as well as mountain sense and skill while out in the mountains. It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of the moment. Take a step back have a think and and a look. Make informed decisions. If you are on a slope that could possibly slide (25+ degrees) and you don't have answers to your questions you should not be there.

Have fun but play safe.

Archive report: Posted at 2:25pm on Friday 25th November 2005
The latest Hakuba Now report can be found here

Hakuba Now ski lift operation notes:

Goryu & Happo gondola are open for site seeing or mountaineering but there is still no skiing to be had.

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