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If you're traveling in a major city, you should find it fairly easy to find somewhere to connect to the internet.  Unless you're carrying your own computer, the easiest way to send and receive email is by using a web-based mobile account such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail.

Recently there are more and more wireless hotspots appearing, with many coffee shops, hotels and other public places offering wireless connections.

Newspapers & books

Japan has a huge newspaper industry. At the turn of the century there are more than 50 million newspapers sold every day though that is surely on the decline.  They are still popular though and the most popular paper, the Yomiuri Shimbun, has the largest circulation in the world. Not surprisingly, there are also several English Newspapers. If you're traveling in one of the major cities or tourist areas you can buy an English language paper in most train stations and convenience stores. However, in rural areas it is unlikely to find any and the only place that may have any would be the train station. The most popular newspapers are the Daily Yomiuri and The Japan Times. Popular English books and teaching materials can be found at large bookstores in the major cities, such as Maruzen and Kinokuniya. Be aware they are much more expensive than at home so you might want to pack some reading material before you leave. And there is always Amazon of course where you can order online. Another good place to find local publications is at international centers located in various locations around the nation.

Let's face it though, we have the internet and so as long as you have that all-important connection you can access all the latest information you want!


Many major hotels chains especially in the cities have cable or satellite connections that offer CNN and BBC World along with several English programs and movie channels. The basic stations are all in Japanese, although they occasionally show foreign sports and TV programs. Satellite TV has become increasingly popular with Japanese and foreign residents alike (WOWOW and SkyPerfecTV), with a wide variety of channels to choose from. Japanese television features some wacky game shows and samurai dramas that may be hard for visitors to appreciate, not to mention understand. Maybe worth at least one watch though.




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